Phoebe Tonkin Talks The Originals Season 3, Hayley, Hope, and More!

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We never expected to love Hayley when we met her on The Vampire Diaries. Especially after she arranged the massacre of a dozen hybrids! But slowly, she's grown on us. That's no doubt in part due to her wicked chemistry with Elijah and the fact that she's strong enough to keep Klaus in his place.

Because let's face it. Klaus sort of needs people who can keep him in his place, right?

During a recent press trip to Atlanta, we got the chance to chat with Phoebe Tonkin about The Originals Season 3, what's coming for her character, and where Hayley's motivations lie as she makes decisions necessary to protect her family. 

1. Phoebe Tonkin Talks Hayley, Klaus and More

Phoebe Tonkin has a lot to say about Hayley and Klaus on The Originals. Watch our interview with the actress now.

2. Phoebe Tonkin Talks Haylijah and Jayley

Hayley is married to Jackson on The Originals. But what does this mean for her and Elijah?

3. Phoebe Tonkin Talks Raising Hope

Phoebe Tonkin spoke with a group in Atlanta about raising Hope on The Originals Season 3. What does motherhood mean to the hybrid? Watch now!

4. Phoebe Tonkin on Alliances and Enemies

Hayley has made many alliances, and just as many enemies on The Originals. Star Phoebe Tonkin talks about it all here.

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