Arrow Photos from "Time of Death"

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On Arrow Season 2 Episode 14, the Lance family has dinner to welcome home Sara, but an unexpected guest sends Laurel into a fit of anger. 

Meanwhile, when the slick thief The Clock King breaks into the Arrow Cave, Felicity believes it's up to her to prove her value to the team and heads out to investigate on her own. Unfortunately, it looks like she needs a little help from a friend.


1. What Time is It?

What Time is It?
Who better to know than The Clock King, William Tockman -- the best thief in Starling City? He'll know the time. "Time of Death"

2. Canary Ready for a Fight

Canary Ready for a Fight
Canary is looking for clues and ready for a fight in the upcoming Arrow episode titled "Time of Death."

3. Canary in Action!

Canary in Action!
Canary takes off after getting a tip from Felicity. Fly Canary, fly! From the "Time of Death" episode.

4. Felicity Investigates

Felicity Investigates
Felicity wants to prove she's worthy to be on the team by investigating solo. She's already proven her worth 1,000 times over! From "Time of Death."

5. Canary to Felicity's Rescue

Canary to Felicity's Rescue
This one's gonna smart. Canary comes to Felicity's rescue when she gets in over her head in "Time of Death."

6. Sexy Canary Shot

Sexy Canary Shot
Here's a sexy shot of Sara as Black Canary. Hawt! As seen in Arrow "Time of Death."

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Arrow Quotes

Laurel: Helena, you don't have to do this.
Helena: Yes, I do. Because once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.

Tina: Does the name Dinah mean something to you?
Oliver: I had a friend named Dinah. I never called her that, but it means something to me.