Pretty Little Liars Photos from "Cover for Me"

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In Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22, some new fellas enter the picture for Aria and Spencer.

Who are they? Will Aria put Ezra out of her mind? Is Toby in danger of losing Spencer?

We can only know for sure by watching the episode, but it's fun trying to imagine the full story by way of photos, isn't it?

Scroll through the photos and be back here next Tuesday for a full review of the episode!


1. Wanna Blow this Joint?

Wanna Blow this Joint?
Aria's new friend Riley asks her to blow off the Syracuse tour.

2. Nick Roux as Riley

Nick Roux as Riley
Riley is an indie musician Aria meets on a tour of Syracuse University. He's played by former Jane by Design actor Nick Roux.

3. Aria and Riley at the Lake

Aria and Riley at the Lake
Who needs a college tour when there's all this splendor to take in?

4. Aria and Riley Close-up

Aria and Riley Close-up
Aria and Riley blow off the Syracuse tour for time at the lake in "Cover for Me."

5. Riley Looks Interested

Riley Looks Interested
Riley looks interested in what Aria has to say on Pretty Little Liars "Cover for Me."

6. Another Angle

Another Angle
Aria looks interested in Riley. She's probably enjoying the distraction from Ezra in "Cover for Me."

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