Pretty Little Liars Photos from "Run, Ali, Run"

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13. Intrigued with the Phone

Intrigued with the Phone
The Liars are intrigued with Ali's phone in "Run, Ali, Run."

14. Getting a Better Look

Getting a Better Look
Ali stretches her arms farther away. What the heck is on the phone?!

15. Hangover Hanna

Hangover Hanna
Is this Hanna's new hangover outfit? She'll be wearing it a lot, I hear.

16. Looking Down her Nose at an Unknown

Looking Down her Nose at an Unknown
Continuing to look down her nose at the entire population of Rosewood, Ali carries on the practice at school.

17. Spencer's Turn for a Text!

Spencer's Turn for a Text!
Did Spencer get her own text now? Guess we'll find out on "Run, Ali, Run."

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