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On Reign Season 1 Episode 12 - titled "Royal Blood" - Francis helps Lola out of a jam when he intervenes with her brother's debts to troubling results and Clarissa steals away with her youngest siblings.

When Francis comes to Lola's aid, the two of them will grow closer. 

Enjoy the photos and be here on Thursday for a full rundown of the installment after it airs!

1. Lola and Maurice

Lola and Maurice
Exactly who is Maurice? Perhaps the person to whom Lola's brother is indebted. Lola doesn't look happy to be shaking his hand.

2. Francis Faces Maurice

Francis Faces Maurice
Francis is back! He doesn't look all that worried about whomever this Maurice fellow is. A gambling man makes sense, given the money on the table before them.

3. Welcome Back Francis!

Welcome Back Francis!
Francis looks spectacular upon his return to the castle, doesn't he? Don't leave us again!

4. Francis Confronts Maurice

Francis Confronts Maurice
Francis isn't playing "games" any longer. It looks like he means business as he takes this Maurice fellow to task!

5. Lola and her Brother Frederick

Lola and her Brother Frederick
Hello Frederick! Lola has a handsome brother. Perhaps he has a gambling habit, but what's a little debt with a face like that?!

6. Catherine Questions Nostradamus

Catherine Questions Nostradamus
The Queens young sons have been taken by her elder bastard daughter. Is she seeking her friend's visions to help her find them?

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Queen Catherine: Such glory you promise, and so cunning you've you've changed since you came back to us from convent. I miss the girl you were.
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My dear, this was not an act of passion. It was treason.

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