Reign Photos from "Sacrifice"

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How will an attempt on Bash's life affect he and Mary? Will Queen Catherine continue to interfer in their lives or will Lola be able to stop her. And how is a pregnant peasant linked back to Bash?

Check out these preview photos from Reign Season 1 Epiosde 10, "Sacrifice" below...


1. Bash Looks Worried

Bash Looks Worried
Bash looks worried about whomever is approaching he and Mary, especially after the attempt on his life.

2. A Lot to Talk About

A Lot to Talk About
It looks as though Bash and Mary have a lot to talk about after recent events. Will she ask him about a certain pregnant peasant?

3. Bash and Mary

Bash and Mary
Who do Bash and Mary think was behind the attempt of his life on Reign?

4. Are They Getting Closer?

Are They Getting Closer?
Will Bash and Mary continue to get closer, especially after the attempt on his life?

5. Heading to Prison

Heading to Prison
Mary heads to visit a prisoner who has a surprising link to Bash on this episode of Reign.

6. Ladies in Waiting

Ladies in Waiting
Are Lola and the ladies just waiting to pound on Queen Catherine or are they formulated another plan on Reign?

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