Revenge Photos from "Disgrace"

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What will Emily Thorne be up to next?!?

Check out these picture from Revenge Season 3 Episode 16, "Disgrace."

1. How Long Will They Pretend

How Long Will They Pretend
How long will Daniel and Emily pretend to be the happy couple for the cameras? We bet the charade may not even last to the end of this party.

2. A Lot to Ask

A Lot to Ask
The press seem to have a lot of questions to ask Daniel on Revenge set to air Sunday, March 23rd.

3. A Big Happy Family

A Big Happy Family
Aren't the Graysons the picture of one big happy family as Daniel arrives with both his wife and his mother on Revenge.

4. Daniel's Smiling

Daniel's Smiling
Even Daniel is smiling. Perhaps he's making headway in his plan to divorce Emily.

5. Looking Stunning in Black

Looking Stunning in Black
Victoria is looking stunning in black, even if she does have a bit of a scowl on her face.

6. Watching Her Back

Watching Her Back
If Emily came alone to a Grayson party, she'd better watch her back. "Disgrace" is the 16th episode of the show's third season.

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