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The Revenge Season 3 finale is nearly upon us. Check out photos from "Execution."

1. Going Head to Head

Going Head to Head
Victoria and Emily go head to head on the season finale of Revenge. "Execution" is the 22nd episode of the show's third season.

2. A Shovel

A Shovel
Emily's got a shovel next to an open grave. Unless she's planning on burying Victoria alive, we think someone else might be dead in "Execution"

3. Not Expecting Visitors

Not Expecting Visitors
From the looks of things, we don't think Emily was expecting Victoria to come and visit her as she dug a grave.

4. Whose Grave Is It?

Whose Grave Is It?
The big question is whose grave is Emily digging on the season 3 finale of Revenge.

5. Angry and Devastated

Angry and Devastated
Victoria looks angry and Emily appears devastated as the two women have it out in a graveyard on Revenge.

6. Finally Tell the Truth

Finally Tell the Truth
Is there any chance that Emily Thorne will finally tell Victoria the truth, that she is David Clarke's daughter?

7. Digging Her Own Grave

Digging Her Own Grave
We don't see a gun so we doubt Victoria has Emily digging her own grave on the season finale of Revenge.

8. Looking Sad

Looking Sad
Even though they are up in one another's faces, Victoria more sad than angry.

9. Even in a Graveyard

Even in a Graveyard
Even in a Graveyard Victoria Grayson looks impeccably put together on Revenge.

10. Emily Looks Shocked

Emily Looks Shocked
What could have Emily looking so shocked on the season 3 finale of Revenge?

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