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13. Who He Wants To Be

Who He Wants To Be
Although Daniel claims to be different, he appears to be acting a lot like his father on this season of Revenge.

14. A True Grayson

A True Grayson
Since finding out about Emily's betrayal, Daniel has proven to be a true Grayson.

15. Going Along With the Plan

Going Along With the Plan
Will Jack Porter still be willing to keep quiet and go along with Emily's plan when Revenge returns this spring?

16. One True Love

One True Love
Do you think Jack is Emily's one true love or just a childhood crush? Revenge returns on Sunday, March 9th on ABC.

17. A New Life

A New Life
Finding out she could no longer have children seemingly destroyed Emily's plans to run off with Aidan and have a new life on Revenge.

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Revenge Quotes

In my lifetime, I've come to understand that there are three ways for a person to disappear. The first is to die. The second is to lie. And the last is to be reborn. It was after my former husband's six months ago that my transformation began. I made my peace with those who have wronged me and with those who I've wronged. No one moreso than Emily Thorne.


[to Margaux] Someone once told me it's our decisions that define who we are. Well, you've got a decision to make.