Riverdale Season 3: Everything We Know

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7. The Key Art Is Awesome

The Key Art Is Awesome
Riverdale is well-known for its atmospheric promotional materials, and the first key art for Season 3 is anything but bright.

Instead, it shows the characters in front of trees, mist and even with some daylight trying to break through, they all seem to be consumed by the darkness.

8. Archie Is Ready to Fight Back

Archie Is Ready to Fight Back
"Look who’s back in red and fighting shape for season 3 of #Riverdale. We start Friday. SO EXCITED," Aguirre Sacasa captioned the image which he shared in July 2018 ahead of the show's return to production.

9. Will Riverdale Crossover with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Will Riverdale Crossover with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?
There were initially reports that Riverdale would be crossing over with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but with the latter's move to Netflix it seems like it might not actually become a reality.

"I think Betty's solely in the Riverdale world, and it doesn’t make sense for a crossover," Riverdale star Lili Reinhart told Vulture. when asked if Betty could show up in Sabrina's world.

"That’s why the decision was ultimately made to move to Netflix -- to make these Riverdale and Sabrina shows completely separate universes. I don’t really know what Roberto’s plan is for Sabrina or what aspect of the supernatural or magic will be used. I know that doesn’t exist in Riverdale. At least right now."

10. Veronica and Hiram's Relationship Will Change

Veronica and Hiram's Relationship Will Change
With everything that happened between Veronica and her father Hiram on Riverdale Season 2, it's hard to imagine their relationship ever be the same again.

When Ronnie bought the Wyrm and relinquished her place on the family's board, she forever changed her relationship with Hiram. "She still loves her father, but she’s done being a daddy’s girl. That doesn’t mean she’s done being in stories with Hiram," Aguirre-Sacasa told Entertainment Weekly..

"What it means is there’s going to be more conflict between the two, and their relationship won’t simply be parent and child. It will be more complex than that. We will keep playing the consequences of the decision she made in the finale, which is to reject Hiram's money and all that that entails."

11. Dark Betty Is Not Going Anywhere

Dark Betty Is Not Going Anywhere
Lili Reinhart is a fantastic actress, and she has managed to portray two distinctly different iterations of Betty Cooper in a flawless manner.

I think that will always be a part of her character," Aguirre-Sacasa told The Hollywood Reporter. about Dark Betty.

"With the darkness, either Betty was denying it, or it was controlling her. There was a struggle to understand it. I think that will continue. Again, rather than do another season of Betty struggling with her darkness, she's dealing with it another way or turning away from it or controlling it. Lili is such a wonderful actress that you, of course, want to give dark, dramatic material to. But I was so happy to see her in the finale smiling in the hotel room and walk away from the darkness that I don't want to deny that part of her as well."

12. When Does It Premiere?

When Does It Premiere?
Riverdale Season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 10th on The CW. It will be debut on Netflix hours later in territories outside the U.S.

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Veronica: What the hell is a "Sticky Maple"?
Kevin: It's kinda what it sounds like. It's a Riverdale thing.
Veronica: No, Kevin, it's a slut-shaming thing. And I'm neither a slut nor am I going to be shamed by someone named, excuse me, Chuck Clayton! Does he really think he can get away with this? Does he not know who I am?! I will cut the brakes on his supped-up phallic symbol.

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Betty: To prove what?
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Betty: I hate that word.
Jughead: I'm the damaged, loner outsider from the wrong side of tracks. Betty, come on, who are we kidding?! We're on borrowed time.