Roswell, New Mexico: Who's Who?

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Roswell, New Mexico might just have one of the best casts on the small screen. 

The CW reboot has actors from The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Hellcats, and even Grey's Anatomy. 

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But who are these excellent actors playing? 

You asked, and we have the answers in the gallery below. 

If you haven't heard of Roswell, New Mexico, then you're in for a treat when it premieres Tuesday, January 15 at 9/8c. 

It's poised to be your next TV obsession. 


1. Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho - Roswell, New Mexico

Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho, a jaded biomedical researcher and the daughter of undocumented immigrants.

2. Nathan Parsons as Max - Roswell, New Mexico

Nathan Parsons as Max, a natural born leader and dedicated Roswell police officer who has kept his true identity a secret for years.

3. Karan Oberoi as Noah Bracken - Roswell, New Mexico

Karan Oberoi as Noah Bracken, Isobel's charming, devoted husband who senses a secret in his wife.

4. Michael Vlamis as Michael - Roswell, New Mexico

Michael Vlamis as Michael, a troubled but brilliant alien who survived a traumatic childhood and is trying to find a way to escape Earth

5. Heather Hemmens as Maria - Roswell, New Mexico

Heather Hemmens as Maria, Liz's former best friend, who is a socialite and oblivious to the existence of aliens.

6. Trevor St. John as Jesse Manes - Roswell, New Mexico

Trevor St. John as Jesse Manes, Alex's father, who in turn is portrayed by Tyler Blackburn.

7. Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti - Roswell, New Mexico

Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti, the son of the town sheriff, who learns about horrible things that have happened in his family's past.

8. Lily Cowles as Isobel - Roswell, New Mexico

Lily Cowles as Isobel, an alien who keeps her true identity a secret by living her life with grace and enthusiasm.

9. Tyler Blackburn as Alex Manes - Roswell, New Mexico

Tyler Blackburn as Alex Manes, a military veteran with his fair share of physical and psychological trauma. Alex prepares to abandon his dreams and the possibility of a future with the man he loves to succumb to his father's expectations.

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