Scandal Photos from "Fluffer"

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7. All Left Reeling

All Left Reeling
Cyrus, Mellie, and Fitz are all left reeling when Olivia brings Abby into the fray on Scandal.

8. Abby In the White House

Abby In the White House
Poor Abby. She doesn't look very happy. Did she have any idea what she was walking into when she agreed to help out at the White House?

9. Andrew's Black Eye

Andrew's Black Eye
We don't think Andrew minds the shiner so much, as long as he can still have Mellie in his life.

10. Having It All

Having It All
Fitz wants to be President of the United States and have Olivia. Is having it all even possible?

11. Dinner With Dad

Dinner With Dad
Olivia has yet another uncomfortable dinner with her father on Scandal. What do they want from one another this time?

12. Bringing Down B-613

Bringing Down B-613
Will Rowan actually help his daughter bring down B-613? "Fluffer" is the 16th episode of the show's third season.

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