Sense8: 75 Sense8tional Moments from the Series Finale!

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You don't have to let go just yet, Sense8 fanatics! 

The Sense8 finale event was dropped on Netflix and had fans laughing, crying, and basking in this quirky, earnest, whimsical series that we all know and love. 

It was messy, sporadic, ridiculous, and magical. With only two and a half hours to wrap this larger than life series up and give the fans the closure they rallied for,  and a dedicated cast and crew as devoted to the fans as the fans are to them, the end result was utterly insane, but also utterly perfect. 

So, grab your cluster, put on some 4 Non Blondes, and join us as we recall the best moments from the Sense8 special in no particular order.

Who are we kidding? Every moment was a great moment!

What were your favorite moments? Hit the comments below! 

1. Nomanita Wedding!

Nomanita Wedding!
The show may have been canceled because of the expenses, but dammit, the finale went out with a bang. The Eiffel Tower was shut down so Nomanita could have the wedding of their dreams in front of their family and friends. Fireworks went off in the city of Love for them. It was spectacular!

2. Mindblown

Rajan had an understandable reaction when everyone finally filled him in on what the hell was going on. Would your face look any different if you found out your wife shared something beyond a telepathic bond with seven other people around the world and that one of those people, whom she's in love with, was in deadly trouble and needed to be rescued from a nefarious organization? I doubt it.

3. Capheus Got Moves

Capheus Got Moves
Capheus is the ray of freaking sunshine in this entire cluster and no one can say otherwise. Eternally optimistic, inspirational, and upbeat he always puts a smile on your face when you see him. Capheus getting his groove on while spraypainting a van for their rescue mission was the most adorable, funniest scene of the finale, especially since he was tragically underused throughout.

4. Dani Got Skills

Dani Got Skills
With all of their heavy-hitters and gun-toters preoccupied or MIA, someone experienced needed to wield a weapon when Amanita went to check on Whispers. Fortunately, Dani has acquired a particular skill-set due to dating one too many "assholes" and didn't mind putting them to use. It was one of many badass and impressive Dani scenes of the finale.

5. Caffeine First

Caffeine First
A girl can save the world just as soon as she finishes her coffee. Nomi is always high in demand being the only hacker sensate, and the others often expect her to work miracles at the snap of a finger. Mama's a well-oiled machine that needs fuel, though, and nothing will get done until she has her coffee. I'm sure many could relate to this line.

6. Party Hard

Party Hard
The best thing about this particular jam session is that Riley didn't forget about all of their allies and loved ones who were of the homo sapien equation. She shared the wealth and made it so that all of them could join in on the singing and dancing too. The bus became a full-on party bus. It's not nearly as iconic as their "What's Going On" global karaoke palooza, but it did the trick.

7. I Feel You

I Feel You
It's not Sense8 if the cluster doesn't find themselves jamming to a kickass song, and there was no way in hell the show was saying farewell without a jam session that took place in two different places. Riley is the Queen of orchestrating a playlist for her family, and Depeche Mode's "I Feel You" fit the bill.

8. Sod Off!

Sod Off!
Long live the resistance! One of the best things about the cluster is that they have a network of allies and friends who are willing to have their backs no matter what. When Riley called in a favor from a former lover, she was 100% game to help Riley out no questions asked. Screw the man and all that good stuff!

9. Smitten Sun

Smitten Sun
Sun spent so long feeling like she was incapable of love and hiding her longing for it behind stoicism and discipline. When she found out Detective Mun had recovered from his gunshot wound, she couldn't help reaching out via a burner phone, and then conveniently leaving it on so he could track her down. Their phone call was so positively adorable it can't be described.

10. Making a Promise

Making a Promise
Amanita revealed something very dear to her about Paris and its importance, but what made the scene better was Nomi reassuring her that they would all end up OK in the end and they will live out Amanita's dream. The beautiful backdrop of the Eiffel Tower heightened the intimacy of the moment. So many feels.

11. Hernando the Schemer

Hernando the Schemer
Hernando appears like a sweet intellectual on the surface, but he happens to be the person who comes up with the best shady ideas. What made the Sense8 finale so awesome was watching all of the homo sapiens who are viewed as inferior to the majority of the sensate world work side by side with the sensates they love and sometimes come up with the best plans of them all. Intellectually inferior they are not, and Hernando always steals a scene with his knowledge and warmth.

12. Cluster Dad

Cluster Dad
Will has taken over as leader of their cluster and in a way, he plays the role of "big brother" and dad, right down to his dad sneakers. With so many different personalities interconnected as one, someone has to take charge, and when Will talks, the others can't help but listen. Will plotting how to save one of their own and getting everyone onboard was an awesome moment.

13. Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang
There was no way in hell Sense8 was going to end without giving us one of those awesome Sun and Capheus scenes. They were two members of the cluster who bonded instantly and made an unlikely pair at that. They balanced one another out in a way, and Capheus' sunshiny persona always rubbed off on Sun and made her feel good. Capheus had a good feeling and Sun had to recognize it with a fist bump. These two are adorable!

14. Love Bug

Love Bug
Bug is one of the most lovable non-sensates out of the bunch. There was no one else better suited to walk Nomi down the aisle and give her away to Amanita on their wedding day. He was a constant support to Nomi since his introduction, and he's probably as big of a shipper of those two as the rest of us.

15. What the F**K, Puck?

What the F**K, Puck?
Puck was back and as weird as ever. If you don't recall, he had a bit too much fun borrowing Riley's aesthetic with the bleach blond hair with the blue streak. Well, once he met Sun, he was inspired to do something new. Of course, he went and channeled her for his new look.

16. Wolfgang Accepts His Family

Wolfgang Accepts His Family
It was a mark of character growth and development that Wolfgang took the time to thank everyone who came to rescue him. He spent most of his life feeling like he was alone and unworthy of love with only Felix by his side. Now, he knows that he has a huge family of people who will fight and die for him, and it's foreign and overwhelming to him.

17. Emotional Sun

Emotional Sun
Sun crying over Wolfgang's "thank you" speech was very special because she and Wolfgang shared a similar quality of being stoic and emotionally distant for their own protection. It was as if at that moment she realized that both of them had a family and could be happy.

18. Science Geek

Science Geek
There is no end to ways Kala's intellect is put to use, and that is part of what makes Sense8 so great. It's a point of amusement that one of the sweetest, soft-spoken characters is the queen of making bombs and blowing ish up. In this case, the bomb she made was of the stink variety, and she certainly succeeded.

19. No One Says No to Dani

No One Says No to Dani
Dani completely taken off guard by two men at the bar rejecting her advances was one of the funniest moments of the finale. Dani isn't used to hearing no, and only one of two conclusions could be drawn from her being turned down. Either the guys were gay, which Dani checked in with the other members of her trio to see if it was true, or they were cops on a mission. It turned out it was the latter.

20. MunSun Reunion

MunSun Reunion
Find you a man who will travel to another continent, track you down just to be with you, and then help you fight for your life and the lives of your cluster family. Mun is the perfect romantic lead, and no one can say otherwise.

21. When Rajan Wanted to be Badass Too

When Rajan Wanted to be Badass Too
Rajan continued to be an absolute delight during the entire Sense8 finale event, and this was another one of those moments. Most men, especially someone who came off as conservative and traditional would not have reacted well to his sweet and innocent Indian wife wielding a gun like a badass. Not Rajan. He was totally into it and wanted to learn how to shoot too, to the utter amusement and pride of Wolfgang who totally stopped in the middle of the fight for their lives to show the guy how to shoot.

22. Just Say NO to Croissants!

Just Say NO to Croissants!
Lito is such an overly dramatic disaster child and that is why we love him to bits! He's a gorgeous actor who needs to stay in shape, so he definitely can't have anyone bringing carbs into that group house of theirs, now can he? As usual, he reacts with a dramatic flair and gives us a relatable line we can't help but love him for.

23. Tourist Fun

Tourist Fun
The entire gang pretending to be tourists in order to break into the facility holding Whispers was easily the funniest moment of the entire finale. It was comedic gold from beginning to end. Right down to the outfits everyone was wearing. If you don't think Lito made sure everyone played their role perfectly, you are wrong, my friends. You are wrong!

24. Brotherhood

No way Wolfgang's life would be in danger and the finale would come to pass without having Felix enter the picture. Wolfgang and Felix have one of the best relationships of the series, and when the two of them reconnected how could you not help but grin ear-to-ear? They went through hell and back together since they were children, and it's good to know they still come as a packaged deal. Their friendship/brotherhood is all the goals.

25. Queen Dani

Queen Dani
"I know your kind. Men that mistake cruelty for strength. Living your petty little lives, so limited. We both know that if I were to pull this trigger, not a single person would shed a tear. The smallness of your kind is nothing to fear, only to pity." If Daniela didn't have your heart already, she most certainly did with that powerful quote she delivered while holding a gun up to Whispers and looking damn hot while doing it. It was a reminder of how dark a past Daniela has, especially when it comes to her experience with men.

26. Take a Breath

Take a Breath
Sometimes there is too much going on and the cluster needs to take a breather to settle themselves and figure out a new plan. Thankfully, Sun has taught them the art of meditating and breathing, and it has come in handy very often. Their group meditations have been some of the most underrated moments of the series.

27. Would Rather Die

Would Rather Die
Wolfgang lost the faith for a bit, and he would willingly die than let anyone do anything to the rest of his cluster or put up with anyone else's crap. He struggled with not realizing his own worth, but it took Kala not only attempting to stop him but threatening to jump to her death too if he went through with it, to put him at ease and allow him to wait for the others to rescue him.

28. Cryptic Jonas

Cryptic Jonas
Jonas is known for sage wisdom that also happens to be on the cryptic side, and this quote was no exception. It turned out to be useful explaining the history of how Angelica was able to help the sensates. It also came up multiple times when showing how connected the cluster was, and it led to them defeating Whispers and BPO.

29. Hot Damn!

Hot Damn!
It doesn't matter how much of the sensate business the others wrapped their heads around, watching Nomi kick a BPO agent's ass via Sun still left the others in awe.

30. Aunt Kirsty FTW!

Aunt Kirsty FTW!
Not only did Aunt Kirsty reveal that she knew about sensates all along, but she also volunteered to distract the BPO closing in on Hoy. The best moment, however, was finding out that sweet, little old Aunt Kirsty single-handedly took down an entire platoon of BPO and lived to see another day. The only thing that would have made that moment better is if we had seen it happen ourselves.

31. Squad Goals

Squad Goals
Diego joining the fold was the absolute best, and he, Riley, and Will are the epitome of "squad goals." Will's old partner barely knew what the hell was going on most of the time, but it never stopped him from having his partner's back.

32. Lito's Disregard for Time Zones

Lito's Disregard for Time Zones
All of the sensates may have been on the same time zone for a change, but it didn't stop Lito from disturbing everyone with his set routine even if they were sleeping or adapting to their new location. Oh, Lito!

33. Family Dinner

Family Dinner
It was beautiful watching this big, beautiful, diverse family come together for a meal. Sense8 more than anything else was about interconnectedness, solidarity, unity and oneness. It was about these different people forming their own family and finding all the ways in which they were connected despite their differences. It was such a joyous occasion and rewarding to boot.

34. Kala and Felix Meet

Kala and Felix Meet
Felix had been hearing about his "brother's" mystery girl for so long, and Kala knew a lot about Felix via her connection to Wolfgang, but the two had yet to actually meet in person. It was the perfect moment when the two most important people in Wolfgang's life came together for the very first time. It was entertaining, too.

35. Getting Approval

Getting Approval
After everything Mun and Sun have gone through together, Mun had one last person to impress if he ever hoped to win Sun over for good. Fortunately, the only other family outside of the cluster Sun recognizes is her dog. It looks like Mun got the stamp of approval. It was such a happy, glowy scene.

36. Meet the Parent

Meet the Parent
Will finally met Riley's dad and was able to tell the man how much he loves Riley. Obviously, Riley's dad approved of Riley's new boyfriend. It was a very special moment that gave all those Blueski shippers all the freaking feels!

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