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Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise! Maryse Lightwood, the former head of the New York Institute, is coming back to town for a visit on Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 3.

Alec and Izzy's mother has had a bumpy relationship with her children, to say the least.

The Lightwoods toed the line between being a family and honoring their Clave duties. Though, her relationships with her children were turning around after she came to terms with her separation from her husband. But, could that peace come to an end?

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Based on the preview photos below, there could be some troubling news. Maryse seems to be having an enjoyable dinner with Alec and his boyfriend Magnus at first, but things look like they go sour. What could they be discussing? Why do Maryse and Alec look so serious?

Check out the photos below from "What Lies Beneath," which airs Tuesday, April 3 on Freeform.

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1. Maryse Lightwood Returns

Maryse Lightwood Returns
Alec and Izzy's mother has dropped by New York City to have dinner with her children. Is this simply a mother wanting to see her children or could there be another reason up her sleeve?

2. Dinner Prep

Dinner Prep
Alec and Magnus want to throw Maryse a pleasant dinner now that she's back in town. Will the night be a success or will it cause more trouble for their strained relationships?

3. Mother's Approval

Mother's Approval
It's not secret that Maryse has never been the biggest fan of Alec and Magnus's relationship. But yet, she's strangely showing her son's boyfriend a lot of affection here.

4. Alec's News

Alec's News
Alec hasn't told his mother that he turned down an important role in Idris to be with Magnus. Will she be upset over the news?

5. Charming Self

Charming Self
Magnus is going to do whatever it takes to win Maryse over. He's going to show off his natural charisma and be the life of the party.

6. Cheers!

Well, this is a nice change for Maryse. She seems to be really happy and having a good time during her dinner with Magnus and Alec.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 3: "What Lies Beneath"
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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Maia: There are worse things than being locked out of the Seely realm...and being drenched. We’re going to figure this out.
Simon: You’ve already done so much.
Maia: Simon! I care about you, so until you tell me to back off, I’m going to be right here wringing out your jacket. Got it?
Simon: Okay.
Maia: Let’s get you some dry clothes, warm blood, and a shower.
Simon: What about the mark?
[She touches his shoulder]
Maia: Just try not to piss anyone off and we’ll deal with it in the morning.

Jonathan: Awfully confident, aren’t you? Coming after me all alone.
[The two fight swords]
Jace: Why Morgan? What are you doing with these Mundanes?
Jonathan: You never could beat me in a fair fight, could you?
Jace: Looks like we’re about to find out.
Jonathan: Ahhh, there it is, the famous Morgenstern swagger. Is it Wayland? Herondale? Lightwood? It’s hard to keep track of exactly who you are, isn’t it?
[Jonathan hits Jace]
Jonathan: We are much more alike than you think, you and I.
Jace: I’m nothing like you.
Jonathan: You are exactly like me. Except, of course, I’m stronger. Spend enough time in Edom, it has a way of...toughening you up.
Jace: I look forward to sending you back.