Shadowhunters Photos from "What Lies Beneath"

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7. Dinner Disaster

Dinner Disaster
Both Maryse and Alec look upset over something that has happened. What could they be talking about? Is this about his relationship?

8. Family Matters

Family Matters
Alec looks pretty serious during his conversation with his mother. Whatever they're talking about, the news isn't good news.

9. Imposing Force

Imposing Force
Several more Mundanes have been attacked by the mysterious demon. The Shadowhunters are heading out into the city to search for the enemy threatening them.

10. Club Kids

Club Kids
Clary, Izzy and Jace's plan to hunt the demon is taking them out on the town. From the looks of the photo, their mission has brought them to a club.

11. Giving Up The Ghost

Giving Up The Ghost
Jace has been having strange dreams about Jonathan and killing Clary. Could the nightmares of Clary's dead brother mean something troubling for him and his relationship?

12. On A Mission

On A Mission
Izzy is taking her job serious. She's keeping a lookout for the mysterious owl demon.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 3: "What Lies Beneath"
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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Maia: There are worse things than being locked out of the Seely realm...and being drenched. We’re going to figure this out.
Simon: You’ve already done so much.
Maia: Simon! I care about you, so until you tell me to back off, I’m going to be right here wringing out your jacket. Got it?
Simon: Okay.
Maia: Let’s get you some dry clothes, warm blood, and a shower.
Simon: What about the mark?
[She touches his shoulder]
Maia: Just try not to piss anyone off and we’ll deal with it in the morning.

Jonathan: Awfully confident, aren’t you? Coming after me all alone.
[The two fight swords]
Jace: Why Morgan? What are you doing with these Mundanes?
Jonathan: You never could beat me in a fair fight, could you?
Jace: Looks like we’re about to find out.
Jonathan: Ahhh, there it is, the famous Morgenstern swagger. Is it Wayland? Herondale? Lightwood? It’s hard to keep track of exactly who you are, isn’t it?
[Jonathan hits Jace]
Jonathan: We are much more alike than you think, you and I.
Jace: I’m nothing like you.
Jonathan: You are exactly like me. Except, of course, I’m stronger. Spend enough time in Edom, it has a way of...toughening you up.
Jace: I look forward to sending you back.