16 Soulful Singers Who Make Us Swoon

16 Soulful Singers Who Make Us Swoon

There are a lot of sexy people on TV, but it's not all about looks. Each of these 16 characters are velvety smooth vocalists who make us melt with each note!
21 Devilishly Sexy Disguises

21 Devilishly Sexy Disguises

It's Sexy Saturday AND Halloween so here at TV Fanatic we thought what better way to combine the two than with TV characters in sexy costumes?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quotes

Xander: But, you know what really bugs me? Okay, we kissed. It was a mistake, but I know that was positively the last time we were ever gonna kiss.
Willow: Darn tootin'.
Xander: And they burst in rescuing us without even knocking? I mean this is really all their fault.
Buffy: Your logic does not resemble our earth logic.
Xander: Mine is much more advanced.

Cordelia: You'll be okay here. If you hang with me and mine, you'll be accepted in no time. Of course, we do have to test your coolness factor. You're from L.A., so you can skip the written. So let's see...vamp nail polish?
Buffy: Over?
Cordelia: So over. James Spader?
Buffy: He needs to call me!
Cordelia: Frappachinos?
Buffy: Trendy but tasty.
Cordelia: Josh Tesh.
Buffy: The devil.
Cordelia: That was pretty much a gimme, but you passed!