Sleepy Hollow Cast Interviews

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What can fans expect from Sleepy Hollow Season 2?

We talked to the cast and producers at PaleyFest 2014.

1. Tom Mison PaleyFest Interview

Who doesn't adore Tom Mison on Sleepy Hollow?!? We talk to the actor here at PaleyFest 2014.

2. Orlando Jones PaleyFest Interview

Orlando Jones is the man behind the law on Sleepy Hollow. He previews Season 2 on the PaleyFest red carpet.

3. Nicole Beharie PaleyFest Interview

Nicole Beharie is the female lead on Sleepy Hollow. And she's awesome! Watch our interview with her at PaleyFest 2014 here.

4. Lyndie Greenwood PaleyFest Interview

Lyndie Greenwood helps anchor Sleepy Hollow. She previews Season 2 in this exclusive interview.

5. Len Wiseman PaleyFest Interview

Len Wiseman is a producer on Sleepy Hollow. He gives us a look at Season 2 here.

6. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci PaleyFest Interview

We're on the PaleyFest red carpet here with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The producers are talking up Sleepy Hollow Season 2.

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Sleepy Hollow Quotes

Abbie: Who is he? When's the last time you saw him?
Ichabod: When I cut off his head.

Police Detective: Do you admit to cutting off his head, yes or no?
Ichabod: Nooo. First I shot him, then he rose back up. Cutting off his head seemed the next logical step.