Star-Crossed Series Premiere Photos

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Star-Crossed  is a new drama on The CW. Check out photos from the premiere here.

1. Star-Crossed Premiere Photo

Star-Crossed Premiere Photo
This is your first look at Star-Crossed. The series tells the tale of a romance between an alien and a human.

2. Star-Crossed Premiere Pic

Star-Crossed Premiere Pic
Matt Lanter anchors Star-Crossed as an alien who starts high school. This is a photo from the series premiere.

3. Star-Crossed... Lover?

Star-Crossed... Lover?
Can a human find love with an alien? That's the question at the center of Star-Crossed.

4. Matt Lanter as Roman

Matt Lanter as Roman
Matt Lanter stars on Star-Crossed as Roman. He's an alien.

5. Emery and Lukas

Emery and Lukas
Pictured in this scene from the Star-Crossed premiere: Aimee Teegarden as Emery and Titus Makin, Jr. as Lukas.

6. Trouble for Roman

Trouble for Roman
Roman gets into it in this Star-Crossed scene. It is from the series premiere.

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