Suits Photos from "Moot Point"

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7. Getting Harvey's Opinion

Getting Harvey's Opinion
Jessica is getting information from Harvey and looking quite relaxed in this photo from "Moot Point."

8. Oh This is Fun!

Oh This is Fun!
Harvey appears to be having a grand time in the episode titled "Moot Point."

9. Harvey's Pals

Harvey's Pals
Mike's in the elevator with Harvey's old law school rival. Find out what they're talking about when you watch "Moot Point!"

10. Louis Growling at Harvey

Louis Growling at Harvey
Harvey is getting an earful from Louis. Is it about the argument he's in with Scottie? Watch "Moot Point" to find out!

11. Stating his Case

Stating his Case
Louis is passionately stating his case in the upcoming episode of Suits titled "Moot Point."

12. Harvey with an Old Rival

Harvey with an Old Rival
Gabriel Macht as Harvey Spector and Patrick Fischler as Eliot Stemple, an old rival from Harvey's law school days.

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