Summer TV 2016: Winners and Losers

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7. Winner - Game of Thrones - Things Go BOOM

Winner - Game of Thrones - Things Go BOOM
Game of Thrones continued to prove to fans why they had invested so much time in the series. As is usually the case, there was a lot of blood shed, but the explosion caused by Cersei in the season finale was spectacular. Practically the whole Tyrell family were wiped out in one fell swoop. Is is next summer yet?

8. Loser - Wayward Pines - Convoluted Plot

Loser - Wayward Pines - Convoluted Plot
Wayward Pines was unique in Season 1, but the new lead just didn't gel in Season 2 and the convoluted plot only confused viewers even more. It had like one decent episode the whole season. Stick a fork in it.

9. Winner - Dead of Summer - Refreshing Dip in the Lake

Winner - Dead of Summer - Refreshing Dip in the Lake
Dead of Summer was one of the most shocking shows on TV this summer. The stellar writing and acting made this a great summer series. The reveal that Amy was the villain was riveting. More shows like this, please!

10. Loser - UnREAL - Sophomore Slump

Loser - UnREAL - Sophomore Slump
UnREAL had so much promise last year, but all of that fizzled out this year with half baked plots that meandered for no apparent reason. There's only so many quips Quinn can make before being able to predict what she's going to say.

11. Winner - Animal Kingdom - Smurftastic

Winner - Animal Kingdom - Smurftastic
This one came out of nowhere and picked up the pace early on. It was a crazy summer romp and we can't wait to see more of Smurf next summer. She was a delight. Her sons weren't exactly hard on the eyes, either.

12. Loser - Pretty Little Liars - No, Mama, No

Loser - Pretty Little Liars - No, Mama, No
Pretty Little Liars had a lot of good episodes this summer, but the god awful finale completely ruined all of it. Mary is Spencer's mother? Fans called that weeks ago. Dragging Ezria apart? Horrible.

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