Supergirl Season 2: 13 Things We Hope to See

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Supergirl is switching networks this fall. What will that mean for the series?

We have some hopes, as well as some concerns as the show enters it's second season.

We know we will see several new faces including Tyler Hoechlin as the man of steel, Chris Wood as a character yet to be determined (but most likely Mon-El), Ian Gomez as CatCo's new editor-in-chief, Sharon Leal as Ms. Martian, and Lynda Carter as the POTUS.

The move opens the door for crossovers, a couple of which have already been rumored, though details are still being kept under wraps.

So what are our hopes for Supergirl Season 2? Scroll through our slideshow to find out!

1. The Show Doesn't Become Too Dark

The Show Doesn't Become Too Dark
As previously mentioned, with the show switching networks, it's also moving from the sunny Los Angeles to the not-so-sunny Vancouver. We love how bright the show is, and we're really hoping it doesn't become too dark this season a la Arrow and The Flash. Here's hoping they get lots of nice shooting days!

2. As Much Cat As Possible

As Much Cat As Possible
Our biggest concern about the show moving networks is that we know it means less of fan favorite Cat Grant. Thankfully, even with the show moving to Vancouver, Calista Flockhart is still on board, but she's now only going to be recurring. It's unclear just how much Cat we will get, but we're just hoping for as much as her schedule will allow. The show simply would not be the same without Cat!

3. Joss Whedon Directs the Musical Crossover

Joss Whedon Directs the Musical Crossover
First of all, we're super excited for the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover. We'll be even more excited if the rumors that Joss Whedon might direct it come true. If he's attached, we know it will be good! We understand that directing isn't the same as writing, but how great would it be if he contributed an original song?

4. The James/Kara Relationship Takes Flight

The James/Kara Relationship Takes Flight
James and Kara finally took a step in the right direction at the end of Supergirl Season 1. We can't wait to see them take their relationship to the next level. Honestly, we're just hoping we get to see them be happy for a little while before the inevitable wrench gets thrown into it.

5. The Cliffhanger is Resolved Immediately

The Cliffhanger is Resolved Immediately
We thought we would have to wait all summer to find out who's in the pod, but sources have pretty much confirmed it is new cast member Chris Wood. It's also rumored that he'll be playing Mon-El of Superman fame. We're just hoping that whoever he is, and how he got there (and why) is all revealed in the season premiere.

6. Love Interests for Alex and Winn

Love Interests for Alex and Winn
Winn had a rough go of it in season 1, falling for Kara who did not return his feelings, and then for Siobhan, who turned into the Silver Banshee. He needs some better luck in the romance department this season. Alex on the other hand, has yet to have a love interest at all, though there's obvious chemistry between her and Max. We've learned that a character from either Supergirl or the Flash will come out as gay this season. Could it be one of these two? Either way, we're not opposed to seeing potential new love interests for them.

7. A Family Reunion

A Family Reunion
We're ready to see Alex and Kara continue their mission to rescue Jeremiah and reunite their family. However, we also don't want the Project Cadmus storyline to get dragged out too long. We are hoping for a (happy) resolution by the show's midseason break.

8. More Kara and Barry!

More Kara and Barry!
Barry's visit last season showed us just how much chemistry there is between these two dorky but lovable characters. Now that Supergirl is moving, we know there's potential for more crossovers. We hope that means getting to see their friendship grow. Maybe we can even get a friendly eating competition between them?

9. Exciting New Villains

Exciting New Villains
We're ready to move on from the Kryptonians that were the main villains last season in favor of an injection of new blood. Kara needs to evolve and grow as a superhero, and the best way to do that is to face new foes with abilities she hasn't seen before. We can't wait to see what new challenges she'll face this season!

10. Human Growth

Human Growth
In addition to seeing Kara grow as Supergirl, we're also hoping her new promotion at CatCo offers a chance to see her grow in the human world as well. She's moving on from being Cat's assistant to...well we don't know yet, but we're very intersted to find out! Of course, we don't want it to be too easy, and we still want to see some fun bumbling along the way.

11. Hank and Miranda Take the Plunge

Hank and Miranda Take the Plunge
As much fun as all the flirting between Hank and Senator Crane is, we're hoping one of them decides it is time to put his/her cards on the table and ask the other out. It doesn't matter who, but come on guys, just go for it already!

12. Max Chooses a Side

Max Chooses a Side
Max acts in his own self interest, and that's not likely to change, however, we're hoping it does. He's proven he can be an asset when he wants to be, so we're ready for him to become a permanent member of team Supergirl. Besides, it's pretty clear he's starting to care about these people, whether he wants to admit it or not.

13. Superman Complements...Without Overshadowing

Superman Complements...Without Overshadowing
We're excited that the show has decided to actually cast someone to play Superman, rather than continuing with blurred images and online chatting. However, it's still Supergirl's show, so we want to see Superman complement her, without overshadowing or taking over.

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