Supergirl Season 2 Midseason Report Card: Biggest Surprise, Best Plot Twist and More!

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7. Best Unexpected Character Development

Best Unexpected Character Development
We can't say we were expecting it, but Alex's entire coming out journey has been amazing to watch. Chyler Leigh is consistenly knocking it out of the park, and we can't help but root for Alex and Maggie. They're adorable, and it's great to see Alex have a life outside of the DEO and Kara.

8. Biggest Headscratcher

Biggest Headscratcher
How did Cadmus know where to find the Fortress of Solitude, and how did they know they would need Supergirl's blood to get in? Why doesn't Superman have some better security measures? We're also a little curious why a robot that looks like Hank Henshaw is calling himself Cyborg Superman.

9. Most Supportive Parent

Most Supportive Parent
Eliza Danvers for the win! Kara is learning that her birth parents weren't who she thought they were, Lena's mom is a sociopath, Cat's not winning any mom of the year awards, and we're not really sure what to make of Jeremiah yet. Eliza though has come through time and again for her daughters, especially when Alex came out to her.

10. Biggest Geek Out Moment

Biggest geek out moment

Winn: Ok so this is a bit of a rush job, but they should keep you alive. What do you think?
J'onn; Nice job, Mr. Schott. You should be -
Winn: Not you.
Clark: I love it.
Kara: Are you crying?
Winn: No...

How great was it when Winn met Superman? Designing his suit was like a dream come true for him. Here's hoping Superman returns in the second half of the season so we can get more moments like this.

11. Sneakiest Drinker

Sneakiest Drinker
C'mon, who didn't giggle when Alex snuck back to the freezer after Kara stole her beer and put it in there? What made it even funnier was that Alex didn't grab her beer back out, but opted for the bottle of liquor instead. Moments later, she attempts a drunken toast holding a glass of wine. We hope we get to see more of drunk Alex in the future.

12. Most Clever Inside Joke

Most Clever Inside Joke
Lynda Carter, AKA Wonder Woman, guest starred as the POTUS, so of course the writers had to give fans a little nod to her famous character. We also learned that she's an alien, so we're banking on another guest appearance before the end of the season.

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