17 Absurdly Comical Moments We Love from Supernatural

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Supernatural has given us a lot over the years. They've given us two brothers who we can't help but love, and root for, even if they're motive isn't always the best. 

Of course the greatest gift Supernatural has given us, besides the Winchester brothers, is the number of laughs it provides us every single week. Even the most serious of episodes will have a moment where it gives the audience permission to chuckle for just a moment. 

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With the return of Supernatural right around the corner, we put together a slideshow focusing on 17 laugh out loud moments from the series run. Please sit back and enjoy getting some laughs in before Supernatural returns on October 11th. 

If you watch Supernatural online, don't forget to add in some of your favorite moments, and episodes, in the comments below. 

1. Dean Constantly Dying - Supernatural

Dean Constantly Dying - Supernatural
It's rare to laugh at death, but it was hard to help laughing at the multiple ways Dean died during Supernatural Season 3 Episode 11. It also pretty much summed up how death is viewed on Supernatural -- people don't always stay dead.

2. Castiel The Pizza Man - Supernatural

Castiel The Pizza Man - Supernatural
Castiel trying to understand why the pizza man was spanking the babysitter always provides a great laugh. You have to appreciate him using the pizza man technique on Meg later on.

3. Channel Surfing - Supernatural

Channel Surfing - Supernatural
A lot of people would single out Dr. Sexy, but you have to admit those over the top opening credits of Sam and Dean "investigating" were hilarious especially them riding the bike.

4. Dean Eating Candy - Supernatural

Dean Eating Candy - Supernatural
Who else couldn't get over Sam's version of events in Supernatural Season 2 Episode 15? The whole conversation with Bobby, Sam, and Dean was comical, but Dean just continuing to pop candy in his mouth will be an image you can never forget.

5. Dean Screaming - Supernatural

Dean Screaming - Supernatural
Dean screaming when the cat jumps out of the locker is a moment that will go down in Supernatural history. Of course, it turned out he had yellow fever, but seeing him get scared so easily was hilarious.

6. Fighting Fairies - Supernatural

Fighting Fairies - Supernatural
Dean screaming at a Sam, who had no soul, to fight the fairies is one of the brightest moments ever to grace Supernatural. Dean didn't even care how crazy he appeared, he just wanted to get those darn fairies.

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