Supernatural Photos from "Blade Runners"

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On Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16, Sam and Dean help Crowley with an intervention for his addiction to human blood because they need his help.

Crowley has forgotten his purpose on earth -- to find The First Blade. 

Flip through the photos. It looks like things work out with Crowley and The First Blade is found!

1. Should We Kill It?

Should We Kill It?
It's a Snooki. They should probably just kill it, right? We'll find out how they handle it on "Blade Runners."

2. Is This Really Happening?

Is This Really Happening?
Sam and Dean can't believe their eyes -- it's a Snooki! Yes, of the Jersey Shore variety! On "Blade Runners" is where she'll pop up.

3. Stunned Beyond Words

Stunned Beyond Words
Some things leave even a Winchester stunned. Snooki will do that on "Blade Runners."

4. Snooki Goes Supernatural

Snooki Goes Supernatural
First Paris Hilton and now Snooki! The Jersey Shore alum makes an appearance with this line, "What happens in hell, stays in hell."

5. Nothing Will Ever Surprise Us Again

Nothing Will Ever Surprise Us Again
Sam and Dean are on the road with a blood-thirsty Crowley in "Blade Runners," but a Snooki visit was completely unexpected.

6. You Wanna Piece of This?

You Wanna Piece of This?
Is Sam egging on Crowley in "Blade Runners"? I wouldn't put it past him, but he's probably just using the knife as a box opener. Right?

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