Supernatural Photos from "First Born"

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Supernatural Season 9 moves forward with "First Born."

Fans can expect some fighting from Dean and some surgery for Sam on the installment. Check out fun photos now!

1. A Sam Extraction

A Sam Extraction
Castiel makes an extraction in this Supernatural scene. He's trying to heal Sam.

2. Crowley Makes an Entrance

Crowley Makes an Entrance
Crowley knows how to make an entrance. He proves as much in this Supernatural scene.

3. Tim Omundson on Supernatural

Tim Omundson on Supernatural
It's Tim Omundson on Supernatural! The Psych star appears on "First Born."

4. Dean with a Knife

Dean with a Knife
Dean is on the attack in this Supernatural scene. He is wielding a bloody knife.

5. Kitchen Fight!

Kitchen Fight!
Guest star Tim Omundson looks rather relaxed in this Supernatural scene. Dean? Not so much.

6. Dean in a Fight

Dean in a Fight
Nice try. But it takes more than this to take down Dean Winchester!

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