Survivor: Meet the Season 36 Cast!

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It's hard to believe that Survivor is heading into Season 36. 

But here we are, and the 20 castaways for the new season have been announced. 

The show is throwing in a twist which could find the castaways sent to Ghost Island, a separate location from the island that is haunted by “Survivor relics from the previous 35 seasons of the show.”

The new contestants to need to “learn from the past mistakes of others and reverse the curse.”

According to CBS, the island is “filled with real idols and advantages from previous seasons.”

Sounds ominous, but interesting. 

Have a look at the cast below and join us in the comments with your thoughts. 

Remember you can watch Survivor online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get caught up now!

Survivor Season 36 debuts Wednesday, February 28 at 8/7c. 

1. Survivor Season 36 Group Photo

Survivor Season 36 Group Photo
These are the 20 contestants taking part in Survivor Season 36.

2. Morgan Ricke - Survivor

Morgan Ricke - Survivor
Morgan is a 29 years old animal trainer from New Albany, Indiana.

3. Michael Yerger - Survivor

Michael Yerger - Survivor
Michael is an 18-year-old Real Estate Agent from Knoxville, Tennessee.

4. Stephanie Johnson - Survivor

Stephanie Johnson - Survivor
Stephanie is a 34-year-old yoga instructor from Boise, Idaho.

5. Angela Perkins - Survivor

Angela Perkins - Survivor
Angela is a 42-year-old army veteran from Cincinnati, Ohio.

6. Jenna Bowman - Survivor

Jenna Bowman - Survivor
Jenna is a 23-year-old account executive from Detroit, Michigan.

7. Brendan Shapiro - Survivor

Brendan Shapiro - Survivor
Brendan is a 41-year-old physical education teacher from Herndon, Virginia.

8. Laurel Johnson - Survivor

Laurel Johnson - Survivor
Laurel is a 29-year-old financial consultant from Philadelphia.

9. Wendell Holland - Survivor

Wendell Holland - Survivor
Wendell is a 33-year-old furniture designer from Philadelphia.

10. Libby Vincek - Survivor

Libby Vincek - Survivor
Libby is a 24-year-old social media strategist from Houston, Texas.

11. Chelsea Townsend - Survivor

Chelsea Townsend - Survivor
Chelsea is a 24-year-old EMT from Salt Lake City, Utah.

12. Domenick Abbate - Survivor

Domenick Abbate - Survivor
Dominic is a 38-year-old construction supervisor from Nesconset, New York.

13. Sebastien Noel - Survivor

Sebastien Noel - Survivor
Sebastian is a 22-year-old fishing guide from Melbourne, Florida.

14. Bradley Kleihege - Survivor

Bradley Kleihege - Survivor
Bradley is a 26-year-old law student from Haslett, Michigan.

15. James Lim - Survivor

James Lim - Survivor
James is a 24-year-old business analyst from Los Angeles.

16. Desiree Afuye - Survivor

Desiree Afuye - Survivor
Desiree is a 21-year-old student from Newark, New Jersey.

17. Jacob Derwin - Survivor

Jacob Derwin - Survivor
Jacob is a 22-year-old music teacher from Merrick, New York.

18. Donathan Hurley - Survivor

Donathan Hurley - Survivor
Donathan is a 26-year-old caretaker from Phelps, Kentucky.

19. Chris Noble - Survivor

Chris Noble - Survivor
Chris is a 27-year-old male model from Florida Keys, Florida.

20. Kellyn Bechtold - Survivor

Kellyn Bechtold - Survivor
Kellyn is a 31-year-old career counselor from North Manchester, Indiana.

21. Stephanie Gonzalez - Survivor

Stephanie Gonzalez - Survivor
Stephanie is a 26-year-old from Ocala, Florida. She works in graphic sales.

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