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25. Surprise! The vomited Nogitsune is real Stiles!

Surprise! The vomited Nogitsune is real Stiles!
Evil stiles vomited up the Nogitsune... or not. Evil stiles is still evil, but he vomited up real Stiles... we think. Cliffhanger!

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Teen Wolf Quotes

Finstock: Look at that, the humility, the grace. Sure that wasn't lacrosse we played out there tonight. That was la-crap! But you, you stayed on the field, while the rest of these losers ran inside.
Liam: Coach, we lost. We lost everything.
Finstock: Listen to the despair. The rage simmering underneath it. See that people? He still thinks he can win. That's why next time, he will win because he will find a way! Now, show your new captain some love, you pukes!

Malia: There never was a Stiles, was there?
Scott: It doesn't even seem like a real name.