The 100: 21 Times Bellamy and Clarke Left Feelings Unsaid

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7. Clarke's Unspoken Heart Filled Realization

Clarke's Unspoken Heart Filled Realization
This moment during The 100 Season 5 Episode 5 was when Clarke realized that Bellamy never got her radio calls. So instead of telling Bellamy that she survived for six years because of him, instead we got that pause that was so loud and yet so silent. Clarke was feeling so much and the viewers lost out on a lot when that went unspoken.

8. Bellamy's Unspoken Touch

Bellamy's Unspoken Touch
So Bellamy definitely felt something when he touched Clarke and we all collectively can't discuss it? Was that a gun that Clarke felt or was Bellamy just happy to see her? The world deserves to know.

9. Clarke's Unspoken Mindspace Callout

Clarke's Unspoken Mindspace Callout
Clarke's mind threw so much at her, including Octavia's point about how she might not truly believe that Bellamy forgave her. There was a reason he didn't show up and Octavia, a person Clarke only really shares Bellamy as a connection, appeared just to threaten Clarke with that. Or maybe that wasn't what happened at all and we got confused by what the dialogue and the scene told us onscreen.

10. Bellamy and Clarke's Unspoken Future Look

Bellamy and Clarke's Unspoken Future Look
Going into space meant a lot of reflection between Bellamy and Clarke about their time on Earth. Clarke preparing Bellamy to lead without her meant bringing up all their history and here we were. It is obvious that Clarke didn't go with Bellamy because if a time jump happened they would return to Earth as a couple. Maybe that is why yet again these two wouldn't let what was really going through their heads (and hearts) air out in the open.

11. Bellamy's Unspoken Exposure

Bellamy's Unspoken Exposure
Bellamy literally poisoned his sister because she was going to kill Clarke. He was going to do that and yet no one has spoken about his reasoning since, or the big L word that Octavia pulled out. Even in the scene itself, you have this bomb thrown out there about Bellamy's feelings for Clarke and with one awkward look, the scene just moves past it.

12. Bellamy's Unspoken Interruption

Bellamy's Unspoken Interruption
The conversation of unspoken words to end all ambiguous discussions. Bellamy knew this could be the last time he saw Clarke and after she told him how special he was, obviously he had something big that he wanted her to know. But she interrupted him and this is when the interruptions between them truly started, whether because of the other person or the narrative.

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