The 100 Season 6 Theories and Trailer Breakdown: New Planet, New Problems?

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In case you accidentally took a break from the internet world and didn't get all the updates yet, The 100 Season 6 trailer is finally here and it was a lot to handle.

A four-minute extended trailer has nothing but time to show fans exactly what they can expect, while at the same time confusing them because of the lack of context for just about every single scene.

The 100 Season 6 Trailer: What We Learned About The Brave New World!

But part of the fun when it comes to The 100 is always the way theories come together and the speculation that crosses over as well. 

With WonderCon supplying some more information about what we saw, this feels like the perfect time for a trailer breakdown. This slideshow though will be spoiler free, and won't include any information about the Season 6 premiere that was screened at WonderCon this past weekend. 

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To make things interesting thought, this is no ordinary break down, instead, it is a collection of scenes. 

And these selected scenes will have two different versions of a breakdown, one from a theory based side and another is a fun side that just speculates wildly with nothing but random chaotic assumptions.  

What is your wildest theory about The 100 Season 6 so far? And what is a theory that you have that you believe might actually happen?

Remember you can watch The 100 online right here via TV Fanatic. 

The 100 returns on Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c on The CW.

1. Clarke's Sanctum Seperation

Clarke's Sanctum Seperation
THEORY : Clarke doesn't have to end up in Russell's mansion alone, but we do know she (or a version that looks like Clarke) spends time there laughing and dancing and painting. The timeline is blurry and even the placement of the others isn't clear. We see Bellamy looking back as they possibly part from Clarke, but for how long and why? Maybe this is them not trusting Russell or maybe they choose to go to the ship to bring the others back to this "safety". Clarke stays behind for whatever reason and when they return with the others, she might already be suspicious more than anything. It is important to mention that Tasya Teles shared that Echo is there during that club sequence, meaning it might not be just Clarke's journey there that we experience.

SPECULATION : If someone were to speculate wildly here, this could be Clarke upset because she hates watching Bellamy leave. The group left to get all of their stuff so they could move in with Clarke, and yet after their big campfire talk she misses them and wants to come with.

2. Bellamy? Bring Guns.

Bellamy? Bring Guns.
THEORY : Bellamy is a skeptic to Clarke's believer in The 100 Season 6. His trust doesn't shine through as much for those on Sanctum, which would add up because of the way he is meant to mirror Season 1 Bellamy. His reflex reactions will be to keep a safe distance from any suspicious behavior, and if he has access to guns then at least they will be protected a bit more. Except he made the mistake of giving Murphy a gun and not rocks like before, clearly not the smartest move for him. Besides that though, there is nothing certain to pin down to Bellamy's connections or what drives him on this new "planet".

SPECULATION : Bellamy finds guns and decides to go on another Day Trip with Clarke and Jordan so they can bond as a new group.

3. A Safe Haven

A Safe Haven
THEORY : More than a few of the trailer shots are set in a house, a location that seems to be popular for all of our favorites coming down from space. It might be safe to assume that this is a safe place that the characters will find initially, and many of them will stay there or come back to it throughout the season. It is probably what Murphy opens for everyone here and it has to be the setting where: Echo and Emori are chained up, Jackson grows dangerous again, Madi faces off with her demons, Raven and Clarke disagree, and much more. Blink and you will miss it, but now that it is pointed out it might be worth checking the trailer again for all hints of this new home.

SPECULATION : Murphy tries to break into a few houses for fun but all they find is Russell's house that they then get caught in which leads to a dangerous fight.

4. Breaking Up Space and Sanctum

Breaking Up Space and Sanctum
THEORY : The characters are going to divide right away, one group has to check the planet while the other waits for a response about if it is safe to go there. Zeke ends up going with Clarke, Bellamy, Emori, Murphy, Jackson, Miller, and Echo on the first try and beyond that chances are that characters might even go back and forth in between. It is all about the distance between the ship and the planet and Russell's area and the safe place that the group finds for themselves.

SPECULATION : Bellamy, Zeke, and Clarke all go on an adventure together where they discover some motorbikes to ride, and they even prepare one for Raven so she can come join them right after.

5. Clarke's Clone Connections

Clarke's Clone Connections
THEORY : Clones are on everyone's minds, what forms they will take and how they might even come up in the narrative. The fact that Clarke has a clone on the official poster and the way that Clarke has been fighting people that look like her in the trailer means she has to have one, right? Eliza Taylor mentioned a truly challenging acting season and what if there was a way for Russell and his people to force Clarke to face her past? Or maybe there are reflections of our favorite characters that look similar and represent parts of themselves, either good or bad. What is the best doppelganger/clone theory that you managed to find in fandom?

SPECULATION : Clarke just has a good time all around this season, and may meet some familiar blonde individuals along the way. But everything is fine and there is nothing to be suspicious of at all.

6. Blodreina vs. The Girl Under The Floor

Blodreina vs. The Girl Under The Floor
THEORY : Octavia has a long way to go to gain some redemption, part of which might come from her literally allowing different versions of herself to fight it out? This may be a slaying your demons version of change, except is this forced by the planet or is this contained to Octavia's time on the ship?

SPECULATION : Octavia rebuilds the bunker, then spends some time running back and forth practicing her fighting solo. Or this is all a dream that she has in cryo, wondering which version of herself is the most badass.

7. Madi Facing The Commander(s)

Madi Facing The Commander(s)
THEORY : Madi has the Flame in her now and that conflict has to come back into play. She hasn't woken up right away, with Clarke probably deciding to check the planet before she brings her down there. They are reunited in the trailer though, and from there it appears there is some distance there again. Madi and Gaia are the ones together more, all while Madi faces these figments of her imagination. They seem to come off of the Commander's memories and the fact that everyone on this planet is a nightblood might be useful information. Madi is the only Commander with the Flame though which is conflict in not much of a disguise.

SPECULATION : Madi makes a new friend that she invites over for tea and maybe some chess. Gaia watches over them and they all have fun hanging out together on this new planet.

8. Bellamy's Journey

Bellamy's Journey
THEORY : Bellamy has a journey, one that goes beyond an injury and also includes plenty of scenes with his platonic soulmate and co-leader (and co-parent?). There are no signs of what that might be yet, so, for now, all we know is that Bellamy does suffer from the eclipse. There is no sign yet of how that is fleshed out or even if we see what he hallucinates, but Bellamy Blake never disappoints.

SPECULATION : Bellamy finds himself a cool walking stick and spends the season traveling the planet. He discovers himself in his new found love for the word wanderlust. He always wonders though if there is someone watching over him, but it is always just Clarke from the highest point in Russell's mansion.

9. Bellamy and Clarke's Village Adventures

Bellamy and Clarke's Village Adventures
THEORY : A walk through a village could be a cute date, but when you have a third wheel with some off vibes it just turns into a dangerous day. The theory here though lies in the chance that the group splits up while exploring the planet, and these three find this village. It might even have their safe house, but first, they have to deal with the side effects that must trigger Murphy and maybe even alerts others to their existence.

SPECULATION : Bellamy and Clarke are going door to door making new friends in a village when Murphy decides to start a paintball fight, and yet forgets to give them their separate guns to play with.

10. Those Watching From Above

Those Watching From Above
THEORY : Not everyone goes down to the new "planet" right away, or maybe even at all. Kane and Abby are prime examples of that, with him getting woken up to look at the new planet but probably not in perfect shape to actually go down there. With the actor behind Kane getting another main role during filming, Kane will probably chill out some more in space or even in cryo to explain his absence. Chances are someone will always be on that ship to watch over the people still in cryo, whether it is Abby or not though remains to be seen.

SPECULATION : The people who stay in space watch the action from above at first to figure out if it is safe to come down. They even find some popcorn to keep them well fed while they watch the planet.

11. Trust Is Earned and Lost

Trust Is Earned and Lost
THEORY : Russell is meant to be a kind leader who welcomes our characters to Sanctum, but he looks like a villain out of a Hunger Games movie so maybe we should take a beat before we give him all our trust. Unfortunately, since Clarke must change back into her old clothes once stuff hits the fan, we can't track when this opposition happens. This could be Murphy, Clarke, and Bellamy running into Russell while they are staking out the village. It would introduce Russell right away to the darkness that comes with them. Or it could be later when he poses a threat and they work together to stop him, but chances are it is neither of that because our guesses are usually always off by one degree.

SPECULATION : Russell and Bellamy play fight to build a bond of friendship together.

12. Diyoza Getting Tagged In

Diyoza Getting Tagged In
THEORY : While Diyoza is present this season, it is obvious that Raven has to wake her later on. She actually might have to knock someone out to do it, meaning it isn't a group decision to let Diyoza join in on the new "planet" fun. Regardless, she is back and ready to fight a threat on the ship but what about the baby? It is possible she isn't pregnant anymore but it doesn't add up yet how they can make that happen. Still, for now, all we know is that we shouldn't look out for Diyoza's return just yet.

SPECULATION : Raven and Diyoza have a lady chat together privately so that Octavia doesn't overhear because she is always trying to be part of their friend group now.

13. Suspicious Planet Stuff To File For Later

Suspicious Planet Stuff To File For Later
THEORY : The "planet" will have surprises left and right for us. There is no logical theory that could be created on such minimal information but all guesses are welcome. There is one person trying to escape while another one is nearby, is this a threat or a beautiful sight?

SPECULATION : There are strange ghosts flying around so Russell calls the Ghostbusters and they get rid of them.

14. Echo and Emori's Red Room of Pain

Echo and Emori's Red Room of Pain
THEORY : This eclipse based issues have to come in the form of hallucinations and episodes exact like this. There is a possibility that with this happening often enough, by the second or third time the group is ready for it. This actually could be a room in that safe house, with everyone else chaining up Echo and Emori so they don't harm anyone while they work through these side effects.

SPECULATION : Echo decides to challenge herself by learning to escape from being chained up, and Emori laughs because she can do it and Echo can't seem to figure it out.

15. Jordan Green Enjoying Life

Jordan Green Enjoying Life
THEORY : Jordan is still a pretty big secret for the show, with him getting a few seconds in the trailer itself. This has to mean that he is involved in storylines and with characters that would give too much away if we saw it before the season aired. But we can form a theory that Jordan will stick with Bellamy and Clarke, in fact it is possible that Clarke stays behind in Sanctum for Monty's son so that someone is there to protect him. Beyond that, it is all just heavy speculation that Jordan spends enough time with some other new characters to maybe make a close friend or two. Is it too early to give these two a ship name?

SPECULATION : Jordan makes a new friend and they are just spending time together. Nothing is happening at all but also they run away and get married this season.

16. New Counterparts For Our Favorites

New Counterparts For Our Favorites
THEORY : New characters means new pairings with some old characters because that gets us invested in these stories. This scene in the woods is actually shared between this guy we don't know yet who is played by Chuku Modu and Octavia who is trailing behind him. Without adding too much of a story to someone based off a few seconds, it is possible this new character is an outsider in Sanctum. He is actively and continuously in the woods and is part of those Reaper-like people that look far more dangerous than expected. But there is a huge chance that Russell is someone we can't trust, so could Octavia end up meeting someone who knows more about Russell's intentions but since she is distant from everyone else she can't share the message? Only time will tell.

SPECULATION : This guy will be Octavia's love interest that she meets in the woods. He then takes her to meet that other blonde girl, which becomes them doing an OT3 thing away from all the drama.

17. Octavia's Space Session and Niylah's Assistance

Octavia's Space Session and Niylah's Assistance
THEORY : Octavia goes through plenty when it comes to her own redemption, and not much is clear about who else she interacts with besides maybe Bellamy (if she isn't hallucinating) and maybe the new guy on the ground. A familiar favorite is Niylah though, and it looks like these two both get woken up later on. Niylah isn't part of the first wave of people out of cryo, so if Niylah is around it has to do with Octavia and her journey for now.

SPECULATION : Octavia and Niylah decide to go on a date and Niylah surprises Octavia with her favorite activity of all time.

18. Future Conflict and Dynamics

Future Conflict and Dynamics
THEORY : Down the line there is no way that the characters won't fight with one another. Judging by the background, Raven and Clarke are in the safe house that we assume the gang finds for themselves. Since Raven supposedly stays behind at first, she eventually comes down and she isn't happy with Clarke. It felt like they would start the season in an off place, and things aren't going to change any time soon.

SPECULATION : Raven and Clarke are simply practicing for their next fight so they don't forget their lines or accusations.

19. Clarke's Dilemma With The Past

Clarke's Dilemma With The Past
THEORY : Let's get down to it, the radio calls are an important part of the story The 100 is telling. With interviews mentioning that characters will look back at their past mistakes this season, it is obvious that Clarke will face that head-on. Her relationship with Bellamy will definitely be discussed first and foremost, but it is safe to assume that other past regrets like Mount Weather will play a role too.

SPECULATION : Clarke and Bellamy have the conversation about the radio calls through this rather large field. They yell out to each other and everyone around them listens in so they don't miss a thing.

20. Art Meets Life

Art Meets Life
THEORY : Fun fact time is that this Red Sun Rising book that we see Bellamy reading from is written by Josephine, a character that might actually appear during the season.

SPECULATION : Madi wants Clarke to tell her a new story, so Bellamy and Clarke tag team it by memorizing the Red Sun Rising and even manage to bring the author to answer some of Madi's questions after.

21. Creepy (Snake) Subtext

Creepy (Snake) Subtext
THEORY : Some things make sense and some just don't. The only theory to pull from this is that the audience will be exposed to new animals on this "planet" and that is worth waiting for. Do we think this is someone's pet snake? Or just a random one hanging out and wreaking havoc?

SPECULATION : Every villain has a pet and Russell took a Pottermore test that put him in Slytherin so he had to make sure it all matched.

22. A Moment of Bliss

A Moment of Bliss
THEORY : Happiness is scarce on a show like The 100, which means this Zeke and Raven moment should be appreciated for what it is. These two probably won't have much time to just relax with one another, so chances are we will see this little sneak peek at the very beginning of the season.

SPECULATION : All of The 100 Season 6 is Raven and Zeke's happy honeymoon stage moments on a loop. They are enjoying their peace and quiet, so this is all just the Pilot Mechanic show now.

23. Murphy's Downward Spiral

Murphy's Downward Spiral
THEORY : Richard Harmon has touched on how interesting this season will be for Murphy, and he even revealed that his character will actually rely on alcohol quite a bit. There is also the Murphy and Clarke interactions to consider, which haven't been teased as a friendship and that in itself serves as a teaser. Theory wise though different shots from the trailer have Murphy in pain or in fights or seemingly losing his mind. It is possible that he is one of the first to feel the planet's side effects, even going as far as shooting at Bellamy and Clarke when they are walking through that village. It might also be important to note that he and Bellamy get in at least two different fights, could one of them lead to Bellamy's injury? And could Murphy's potential instability lead to a connection to Russell and Clarke?

SPECULATION : Murphy has a long hard day so he finds a place to take a quick nap with his gun.

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