11 Funniest Moments From Nick Viall’s Season Of The Bachelor

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Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor has had its ups (Corinne) and downs (Nick checking out halfway through the season), but there definitely wasn’t a short of laughs.

As Nick’s “journey,” comes to an end tonight, it’s time to look back at the moments that brought America (and Twitter) together.

It was Corinne's world, but Alexis, Jasmine and Nick's wardrobe also had us laughing.

Let us know in the comments if we forgot the moment you enjoyed the most.

1. Dolphin/ Shark Girl

Dolphin/ Shark Girl
Alexis was the most underrated contestant this season, and it all started with her shark costume. She thought it was a dolphin costume, Nick (and America) knew it wasn’t, and the rest is history.

2. Make America Nap Again

Make America Nap Again
The first time that Corinne’s napping habits were brought up, it was when she ditched the rose ceremony to sleep. Before they overdid the nap jokes, it was actually pretty funny. This moment also gave us the quote “Michael Jordan, took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps. Everybody naps,” and that’s something we will never forget.

3. Platinum Vageen

Platinum Vageen
You’re lying if you said you didn’t chuckle when you first heard Corinne talking about her “platinum vageen” in the for promo the season.

4. The Chokey

The Chokey
It’s still unclear if Jasmine G was joking or not when she said she wanted to choke Nick, but either way, it was kind of hilarious to see his face when she told him.

5. Nick’s Turtleneck

Nick’s Turtleneck
Another unintentionally funny moment, Nick’s decision to wear his turtleneck in Finland really backfired for him when the episode aired. However, it provided the perfect opportunity for laughs during a boring fantasy suite date.

6. Raquel-Gate

Corinne’s nanny Raquel provided a lot of headlines this year, and seeing Corinne tell the other women about why she needs Raquel (cheese pasta and cucumber slices) was cringeworthy, but also funny.

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