The 11 Worst Series Finales of All-Time: Science Has Spoken!

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7. Scrubs

Scrubs SEASON 9, that is, which one can either consider the Scrubs series finale or the finale of a one-season experiment that brought in many new faces and new recruits.

8. Misfits

After discovering their community service was over, the Misfits gang contemplated life after the jumpsuits on December 11, 2013.

9. Futurama

Not even a wedding could save the Futurama finale from online disappointment.

10. The L Word

The L Word
The L Word finale failed to address many questions or provide sufficient answers to long-running fans of this groundbreaking series.

11. Seinfeld

Disappointment and anger over the Seinfeld finale has been picked apart, discussed and analyzed for years. Most viewers took issue with what ended up being a quasi clip show.

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