The 23 Most Irritating Characters of All Time

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7. Ross - Friends

Ross - Friends
We know that Ross was meant to be with Rachel and he was an essential part of the Friends cast but did he really have to be so darn whiny? Add in him stomping his foot when he didn't get his way and he was worse than most 3-year-olds who are taken to the grocery store during naptime without snacks or a binky.

8. Ana Lucia - Lost

Ana Lucia - Lost
Ana Lucia was not only constantly grumpy, but she overreacted to everything. She made every situation about herself and brought no redeeming qualities to the island. She only caused trouble. Then she shot Shannon and broke Sayid's heart. Unforgiveable, Ana Lucia. Just because you were a cop off the island, doesn't mean you're always in the right.

9. Georgina - Gossip Girl

Georgina - Gossip Girl
In a nutshell, Georgina never grew up. She caused problems for everyone else around her to clean up. It's not like she was just bumbling around either, she had no problem ruining everyone's lives without an ounce of guilt. Stop. Just stop.

10. Susan - Desperate Housewives

Susan - Desperate Housewives
Susan started off as this quirky kind of fun and clumsy character, but soon all she was doing was stepping in mess after mess, and making plenty herself. Which you might chalk up to just bad luck, but she was always so darned helpless about it. Solve your own problems, Susan, there are bigger problems in town, and it's not all about you.

11. Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones

Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones
Joffrey is such an evil, whiny brat, even his mother can't stand him. The power of the crown has certainly gone to his head. Most irritating of all is when push comes to shove, he's really just a sniveling coward. BOO, Joffrey!

12. Will - Glee

Will - Glee
Will is a poor excuse for a teacher, living vicariously through his students. His whiny and needy ways are bad enough, but to have inappropriate relations with your students and receive credit you don't deserve is beyond irritating. You're a grown man, Will.

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