The Bachelor: 16 Best Moments From The Women Tell All Special

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After the fantasy suite dates wrapped up, ABC gifted us two more hours of The Bachelor, and this year's Women Tell All did not disappoint. 

In a not so shocking twist, most of the topics during the special included Corinne. It was all about Corinne's controversial naps, Taylor "bullying" Corinne and Corinne's nanny (cheese pasta was even served). It's safe to say that even though Corinne was sent home last week, Bachelor Nation got plenty of her tonight (and will probably see more of her on their TV in the future).

Taylor also had a chance to stand up for herself and her career as a mental health counselor after facing backlash for fighting with the other contestants. It was interesting to see who was clearly Team Corinne and who was on Team Taylor.

Other topics at the reunion included Liz (remember her?!) dealing with the aftermath of America shaming her for sleeping with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding and what she learned about herself after the show wrapped.  

Check out our most memorable moments from the Women Tell All, and add any we forgot in the comments.

1. Nick Meets His Fangirls (And Boys)

Nick Meets His Fangirls (And Boys)
It's become a tradition for Chris Harrison and the lead to visit different Bachelor watch parties, and tonight we learned that Nick might have more male fans (including the Backstreet Boys) than any other Bachelor in history. He was also attacked by a bunch of sorority girls, which is less of a surprise.

2. Audience Participation

Audience Participation
We couldn't help but laugh every time they showed an audience member wearing themed outfits like a shark/dolphin costume for Alexis and a "Make America Corinne Again" hat.

3. Nap Gate Part 1

Nap Gate Part 1
Within five minutes of the Women Tell All, Jasmine G brought up Corinne napping throughout the season. I'm pretty sure “you told America you took a nap" was supposed to be an insult.

4. Team Liz

Team Liz
After watching the women fight over the same guy for weeks, it was very refreshing to see them stand up for Liz. Instead of adding to the negative narrative that she should been ashamed that everyone knows she had a one night stand with Nick, they applauded her for being open and said she is more than just the girl who slept with The Bachelor at a wedding.

5. Taylor’s Tongue

Taylor’s Tongue
A tongue hasn't gotten this much screen time or attention on the Internet since Miley Cyrus.

6. Defining Emotional Intelligence

Defining Emotional Intelligence
Taylor repeatedly used the phrase "emotional intelligence" during the season, but never explained what it meant... until now. It's "your ability to regulate your emotions," and she still thinks Corinne doesn't have any.

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