The Bachelor: Best Villains of All-Time, RANKED!

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7. Olivia Caridi (Ben Higgins' Season)

Olivia Caridi (Ben Higgins' Season)

All eyes were on Olivia (and her mouth) from the beginning of her time on Ben’s season. She quickly went from the first impression rose to the most hated, and aggressively “stealing” Ben first every time without fail did not help her case.

She called herself the frontrunner (and Mrs. Higgins), cried about her cankles and said Amanda belonged on an episode of Teen Mom. She wanted to “talk smart things” and everyone in the house celebrated when she was left on a beach during a wind storm.

8. Kalon McMahon (Emily Maynard’s Season)

Kalon McMahon (Emily Maynard’s Season)
America fell for Emily during her time on Brad’s season – she was a southern bell, a single mother and had dealt with her fair share of tragedy – so when Kalon called her daughter “baggage” fans were not happy. The only reason he isn’t higher on the list is because the comment wasn’t caught on tape, and Emily handled it like such a badass that she hardly let him be a villain.

9. Joe Bailey (Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Season)

Joe Bailey (Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Season)
Joe didn’t handle his breakup with Kaitlyn well, but his true villainess didn’t begin until he walked on the beach of Paradise. After starting a relationship with Juelia, he ditches her the second Samantha shows up in Mexico and it is revealed that he was planning to “do anything to stay in Paradise” until Sam arrived. It’s just not cool to mess with a single mom, especially if you don’t feel bad at all and continue to brag.

10. Tierra LiCausi (Sean Lowe’s Season)

Tierra LiCausi (Sean Lowe’s Season)

Tierra was the first (but definitely not the last), to have many injures (real or fake) on The Bachelor. It all started when she “fell down the stairs,” but she was totally fine when Sean appeared to comfort her.

Shortly after, all of the women started fighting with her and her version of apologizing was “I can’t control my eyebrow” and defending her “sparkle.” Sean eventually sent her home, so the Tierra show came to an end, but we will always be grateful for the drama she created.

11. Justin Rego (Ali Fedotowsky’s Season)

Justin Rego (Ali Fedotowsky’s Season)

One of the many men who decided to come on the show with a girlfriend was Justin. He was worse than the others because he couldn’t even talk to Ali about it! He didn’t ran away like a coward.

Not to mention, when Ali got on the phone with Justin’s girlfriend, Jessica, she confessed that he was there for fame. She also revealed he had another girlfriend! Because Ali did such a good job exposing him, he was less of a villain and more of loser.

12. Wes Hayden (Jillian Harris’ Season)

Wes Hayden (Jillian Harris’ Season)

Despite all of the men knowing Wes was there for the wrong reasons, it took Jillian a long time to catch on. There were allegations that Wes had a girlfriend at home the entire season, but he denied it and made it to the top four.

After he was eliminated, he was proud of himself and said "The first guy ever on 'The Bachelorette' to make it to the top four with a girlfriend.” He was a jerk, but not as memorable as he should have been. But now that I think about it, I wonder how his band is doing now.

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