The Best Buddies on Television in 2014

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Here are our picks for best buddy relationships on TV over the course of 2014. Which is your favorite?

1. Scott and Stiles -- Teen Wolf

Hands down, Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf. Is there any better best friend duo than these two? They are so ride or die (literally) and I love them. I mean if your best friend is willing to go into your head when you are possessed and save your life, or rescue you when you're trapped in an animal body in a Mexican know you have a keeper!

2. The Liars -- Pretty Little Liars

The Pretty Little Liars - Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer. If you can withstand A together, you can overcome anything.

3. Bonnie and Damon -- The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Damon! It took being trapped in a prison world together with a deranged psychopath for these two to realize they're a pretty great team, which is something we've seen coming for five seasons. They're pals and it's awesome. Can't wait until he gets her back to the present day.

4. Jane and Maura -- Rizzoli & Isles

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. Though they may appear to be complete opposites on the surface, their friendship remains solid due to their loyalty and protectiveness of each other. They may not always agree and they've certainly had their differences, but in the end these two will always be there to offer support, advice, or a drink as needed.

5. Carol and Daryl - The Walking Dead

Daryl and Carol. These two are not only fantastic characters on The Walking Dead, but they just get each other. There's a connection and understanding between the two making for an hour like The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6 much more entertaining than it would be with different characters. You can't help but love anytime they get screen time, and I hope they last a long time on the show.

6. Schmidt and Nick -- New Girl

Schmidt and Nick on New Girl. How often are the funniest people on television also on the same show? In the same loft?!?

7. Henry and Abraham -- Forever

Forever's Henry and Abraham. Sure they're actually father and son, but their relationship is so perfectly balanced between wit, love, and general camaraderie that I want to be friends with them

8. Jared and Peter -- Franklin & Bash

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash! These two are the perfect example of a bromance. They are hilarious together, loyal, and incredibly forgiving. Peter was even willing to forgive when Jared slept with his mom. Nothing can break these two apart! Except, of course, a show cancellation...

9. Shawn and Gus -- Psych

Shawn and Gus. It's sad that Psych ended this year, when that means no more of Shawn and Gus' epic friendship. They solved crime together, sang together (Remember the musical?), and, wait for iiiiittt, had their own way of doing things. What made their friendship even better was the fact that Shawn had to Gus there for his proposal to Juliet. They've been friends forever, and they were the pair you hoped would stay together at the end. I'll miss those Psych-os.

10. Jake and Charles -- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Charles are fantastic buddies and have a solid friendship. When Charles chose Jake as his best man, Jake took it seriously. When the entire precinct pulled a prank on Jake, Charles was the only one left out, purely because of his loyalty. The friendship may be a little uneven though - Charles is so in awe of his cool best friend Jake that he'll do anything for him!

11. Steve and Danny -- Hawaii Five-0

As partners on Hawaii Five-0 Steve and Danny have had a relationship full of high and low points, but these days it is definitely on the up-and-up.So much so that their Five-0 teammates and fans joke that these two are a married couple. This season we were heartbroken to watch Danny have to tell Steve that his father is dead all over again, at least it came from Steve's best bud.

12. Hitchcock and Scully -- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hitchcock and Sully on Brooklyn Nine-Nine These two are such good friends that strangers think they're married. As hilariously hapless as they are, they always have each other's back. However, in those rare moments when they show some cunning, like when they pretend it's Scully's birthday to milk the team for money, their teamwork is impeccable.

13. Abbie and Ichabod -- Sleepy Hollow

As the two witnesses destined to protect the world from evil, Ichabod and Abbie have an undeniable bond that just seems to get deeper and deeper. Whether they're sitting in a car discussing emoticons or fighting a demon from hell, these two are an absolute pleasure to watch together. Their chemistry is off the charts and while many shippers are hoping "Ichabbie" will one day be more than best buds, I think their close friendship and devotion to one another is enough for now.

14. Adam and His Camera -- The Goldbergs

As cheesy as this one may be: Adam Goldberg and his video camera from The Goldbergs! Yes I know it is an unconventional buddy relationship, but Adam is always seen with his video camera and it captures the different moments between himself and his family. Yeah the camera may not talk back, but there is something special about Adam and what he captures with the camera.

15. Max and Caroline -- 2 Broke Girls

Part of what keeps "2 Broke Girls" among the most comfortable shows on Television is the chemistry between Max Black and Caroline Channing. They're rat-a-tat dilaogue is a stylistic throwback to the days of vaudeville. Caroline lobs the set-up and the acerbic Max hits it out of the ballpark. The humor isn't necessarily the most sophisticated on TV but the chemistry between the two best friends of circumstance is immense.

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