The Big Bang Theory: 13 Rules from The Roommate Agreement

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7. Cohabitation Rider

Cohabitation Rider
In the event of cohabitation, apartment vacuuming shall be increased from two to three times a week to accommodate the increased accumulation of dead skin cells.

8. Leonard's Driving Obligation

Leonard's Driving Obligation
Leonard must drive Sheldon to work... and pretty much everywhere else.

9. Checking In

Checking In
Once a day, Sheldon will ask whow Leonard is, even though he really doesn't care.

10. Firefly Fridays

Firefly Fridays
Friday nights are reserved for watching Firefly -- that is, until the series was canceled after one season.

11. Houseguests

Roommates should notify each other at least 12 hours in advance if they plan to have a houseguest.

12. Sour Milk

Sour Milk
Leonard will provide a confirmation sniff to be sure questionable dairy products are safe to drink.

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