The Big Bang Theory Season 10: Best Episode, Most Surprising Moment and More!

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From the birth of Halley to that shocking season finale, The Big Bang Theory Season 10 had several standout moments.

Check out the report card below to see the best, worst, and most memorable moments from the season.

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1. Most Surprising Moment

Most Surprising Moment
After another woman comes on to Sheldon, he realizes there's only one person he could ever be with, and he travels across the country to propose to Amy in a moment that defines The Big Bang Theory Season 10.

2. MVP

Who else could be the MVP of the season other than Sheldon Cooper? He consistently steals the show, is the funniest, and more importantly, he's the character who has seen the most growth -- particularly during Season 10.

3. Most Unexpected Pair

Most Unexpected Pair
When Raj needed a place to stay, he temporarily took Sheldon's old room, and developed a special bond with new roommate Penny. Poor Leonard felt like the third wheel, and didn't even have a matching shirt!

4. Best Episode

Best Episode
There are a few standout episodes from this season, and The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 12, "The Holiday Summation," is definitely one of them. While other episodes had more significant moments, this episode was funny and thoughtful while also digging into serious issues.

5. Worst Episode

Worst Episode
Not every episode can be good, and this season certainly had some duds. The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 5, "The Hot Tub Contamination," was pretty much a disaster. Talk about uncomfortable to watch.

6. Most Underutilized Character

Most Underutilized Character
The most underutlized character this season? Leonard. Now, this one is kind of a toss up, because Raj has also gone a long time without having storylines of much substance. That changed a bit during The Big Bang Theory Season 10, though, while Leonard remained sidelined far too often.

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