The Big Bang Theory Season 9: Best Episode, Funniest Quote & More!

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7. BrOTP

Sure, we love the friendship between Sheldon and Leonard, but this season's real BrOTP? Sheldon and Penny. Penny has learned to understand Sheldon in a way no one else can, and their friendship is wonderful (and funny) to watch as it continues to grow.

8. Weirdest Road Trip

Weirdest Road Trip
The guys plan a suprise bachelor party for Leonard on The Big Bang Theory Season 3, which involves a van that once belonged to Richard Fenyman, one of Sheldon and Leonard's favorite physicists. Unfortunately, they get a flat tire on the way to Mexico for their science themed trip, and struggle to change it, trying every scientific principle they can think of.

9. Character Who Drove Us Bananas

Character Who Drove Us Bananas
Somehow, Stuart became a character that become more creepy and more annoying as the season progressed. Sorry Stuart, but we really could have done without you this season.

10. Favorite Guest Appearance

Favorite Guest Appearance
It's a tough decision, but the favorite guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory Season 9 is definitely Christine Baranski as Leonard's mother. And this season, her interactions with Penny were basically priceless.

11. Funniest Quote

Their first night the big bang theory

Then it's settled. Amy's birthday present will be my genitals.

Sheldon making the decision to finally have sex with Amy is a big deal, but of course, the way he says it makes it sound a little less glamorous. "Then it's settled. Amy's birthday present will be my genitals."

12. Best Geeky Moment

Best Geeky Moment
There are so many fun and geeky moments on this show, but he best one of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 involves Wil Wheaton and a Star Trek uniform during the new Star Wars film. Bold move, Wil Wheaton. Bold move.

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