The Blacklist Photos from "The Judge"

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When a prosecutor is found after being missing for 12 years, Red suspects that Ruth Kipling is involved. She's also known as "The Judge." He gets Liz on the case.

Red also looks into Jolene who is tempting Tom at the teacher's conference in Orlando.

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1. Liz Meets with Red

Liz Meets with Red
Red brings Liz another case to pursue, "The Judge."

2. Red in a Hat

Red in a Hat
Red show up in a hat as usual maintain an air of mystery.

3. Red Meets with a Man

Red Meets with a Man
Red meets with an unknown man in search of information.

4. Dianne Wiest as Ruth Kipling

Dianne Wiest as Ruth Kipling
Dianna Wiest plays "The Judge." Red believes she's responsible for missing prosecutor who reappears.

5. Lance Reddick as The Cowboy

Lance Reddick as The Cowboy
Lance Reddick guest stars as The Cowboy. Is he good or bad?

6. Liz Questions the Hastings

Liz Questions the Hastings
Guest stars: Mary Ward as Donna Hastings and John Leonard Thompson as Mark Hastings

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