The Flash-Arrow Crossover: 7 Things to Know

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7. What About Everyone Else?

What About Everyone Else?
With all the talk about Vandal Savage and the Hawks, don't you worry that we’re not going to see much in terms of the budding relationship between Barry and Patty (we do) and Oliver and Felicity (we do…big time), as well as more with Harrison Wells' presence, Malcolm Merlyn and you’ll also see just how awesome the groups of Flash and Arrow work like a well-oiled machine. Bonus: Can you guess who from the Arrow team has yet to meet the Flash? You'll find out.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 8: "Legends of Yesterday"
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Arrow Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Whatever you do, don't let him train you. [to Oliver] I'm sorry, but when it rains, I can still feel where you shot me with those arrows.

Barry [to Kendra]

Thea: A bunch of superheroes in a farm house? I feel like I've seen that in a movie before.
Oliver: We need a secure location.
Caitlin: What's wrong with STAR Labs?
Oliver: Well, absolutely nothing if you forget about the revolving door you guys installed so the bad guys can come and go as they please.
Caitlin: Remind me again what happened to your old lair, or the one before that...