The Flash Season 1: Best Crossover, Worst Villain, Most Lovable Character & More!

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If a picture paints a thousand words, then imagine how many a video clip of exactly what I'm saying in words says. Right? Exactly.

Down below begins our first annual Flash report card, where we go over all of the very best and the not so very best from the season. The Flash Season 1 was, overall, very good. Although we have titled some categories as the worst, let's be honest, worst is really a stretch. 

We're knocking out the best episode and the worst, as well as the same for villains, metahumans and crossovers. We also have a little nitpick (I'm sure you'll all agree) and special category for a special hero. 

Hit the comments with your favorite memories of the season!

1. Best Episode: The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 "Fast Enough"

Best Episode: The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 "Fast Enough" The finale was a culmination of everything that made The Flash so good during it's freshman season. There was an actual ending to the character arc of Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne that surprised and still managed to pluck away at our heart strings. Eddie became Series Finale MVP with his amazing heroics and Barry discovered, when he encountered himself on the fateful day his mother died, that he really had all he needed in his current life. We were even left with a hell of a cliffhanger. It was perfect.

2. Worst Episode: The Flash Season 1 Episode 6, "The Flash is Born"

Worst Episode: The Flash Season 1 Episode 6, "The Flash is Born," provided us with a walk down memory lane to Barry's high school days with Iris and Tony Woodward, The Girder. The meta's story wasn't all that compelling, but the Reverse Flash started threatening Joe about Iris. It's so funny looking back when we were still scratching our heads about who he was. Honestly, nothing was "worse" here, it's just the lowest rated of the season.

3. Most Multi-Dimensional Character: Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne.

Most Multi-Dimensional Character: Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne. There was so much going on with this man. Any man who could love his enemy as much as Wells/Thawne did that we, his audience, hated to love him as much as we did was doing something right. The more he was written as a bad guy, the more painful it became to hear him utter those words of enouragement to Barry and especially Cisco, because we believed them. It's certainly a testament to the incredible skill of Tom Cavanaugh and his ability to bleed so many emotions into a single, multi-faceted character, but also the writing, which kept us guessing all season long.

4. Character That Needs Work: Iris West

Character That Needs Work: Iris West has really been a tough sell. Where the writing for Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne was multifaceted, Iris was written as one-diminsional and came off as whiny and self-involved. It didn't help that she was kept in the dark about her friend for far too long, but in general, the writing for her has been shaky. When she had the chance to stand on her own with her job at Central City Picture News, she was again force to rely on The Flash to stay ahead. We're hoping her character is given direction and purpose in The Flash Season 2, as well as a chance to do something other than prop up a boyfriend, father, surrogate brother or The Flash.

5. Most Lovable Character: Cisco Ramon

Most Lovable Character: Cisco is not only the heart of the show, he's the character who makes all others look good and whose words drip like melted butter. He's solid gold, and not just because he figured out how to make a gold spewing gun for the Golden Glider in about 2.5 seconds or that he is the official nickname generator. He's a genuine sweetheart everybody wants to come out on top. When Wells/Thawne ripped his heart out, all of ours stopped beating for a fraction of a second, as well. Not cool! He can also make even a despised character from Arrow someone people like. (No, I do not despise her. I'm with Cisco on this one!!)

6. Best Villain: Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold

Best Villain: There's a reason Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold is going to become a Legend of Tomorrow. He absolutely rocks the fine line of villainy that we love to hate and every once in a while, realize we're coming a little closer to Wells/Thawne territory: we kinda hate to love him. He's incredibly quotable, snarky and without a care in the world what anybody else thinks of him. Well, maybe his sister. See? There's always a little something keeping him human. We know there are big things coming and hope he'll keep up appearances on The Flash into Season 2.

7. Worst Villain: The Clock King

Worst Villain: The Clock King. He was totally unnecessary. He wasn't all that compelling on Arrow, to be honest, and in The Flash Season 1 Episode 7, "Power Outage," we already had a perfectly good metahuman villain, Farooq aka Blackout, to shake things up. But, nooooo, The friggin Clock King had to break out of custody and start making timed demands. Let's not see The Clock King again.

8. Best Crossover: The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, "The Flash vs. Arrow"

Best Crossover: The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, "The Flash vs. Arrow," was the far superior of the two part event, but it's not a surprise given how Arrow Season 3 went overall. "Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell are completely at ease with each other and with their status as small screen superheroes," is what I noted in the review, and it was true. Things fell apart a bit during Arrow's season, but what they achieved during the crossover was magical.

9. Worst Crossover: The Flash Season 1 Episode 18, "All Star Team Up"

Worst Crossover: The Flash Season 1 Episode 18, "All Star Team Up," was actually very good. But the timing of Felicity and Ray being together when they were actually on the skids in Starling City made absolutely no sense in the overall scheme of things. More attention to detail needs to be paid to timing in these cases. The best thing to come of it was the friendship between Ray and Cisco, which we hope is continued in DC's Legend of Tomorrow when Felicity won't be an issue.

10. Necessary Nitpick: Suspension of Disbelief

Necessary Nitpick: The suspension of disbelief required to carry follow through on the stories may grow old as time goes on. So many threads are left untied that even in the best of episodes, people can't help but notice. Barry will be fast enough to stop flames one second, but not fast enough to rip a gun out of the hands of a villain the next, all to drive story. Find another way, perhaps?

11. Best Use of a 90s Flash Actor: John Wesley Shipp

Best Use of a 90s Flash Actor: This was hard, because initially I wanted to say best use of a 90s Flash character, but that would leave John Wesley Shipp out of the running. That wouldn't do because he's second to Cisco with heart on the series. It's perfect that even while in prison, he knows his son so well he guessed he was The Flash and knew saving Nora would be something she'd never want as it would change the man he's so beautifully becoming. Henry has a lovely and supportive friendship with Barry's surrogate father, and even though he's basically relegated to waxing poetic from behind bars, he's becoe an essential part of the series.

12. Most Shocking Death: Cisco Ramon

Most Shocking Death: Eddie's death certainly fills that bill, right? But we're saving him for something else. Most shocking death goes to Cisco having his heart ripped out by Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne on The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, "Out of Time." That time all of our tickers stopped when it appeared, even for a second, we might lose him. Anything can happen these days. Thank God for time travel!

13. Character We Want to Come Back to Life: Harrison Wells

Character We Want To Come Back to Life: Harrison Wells. Let's be honest. We don't even know who the hell he is, but if it means Tom Cavanaugh sticks around for The Flash Season 2, then we're all in. Somehow, we don't doubt he'll bring something utterly special to table in the real Harrison Wells.

14. Worst Metahuman: Prism

Worst Metahuman: Prism. Who? Exactly. He never even got his nickname. (He was Roy Bivolo). Poor bastard had like zero point in "The Flash vs Arrow" and was dead by the end of the hour. I wrote next to nothing about him in the recap and review, but judging by his name, let's guess he did something reactive.

15. Best Metahuman: Multiplex

Best Metahuman: Multiplex. He wreaked havoc early on, in The Flash Season 1 Episode 2, "The Fastest Man Alive." It's when I realized metas weren't going to be all bad and they'd have interesting back stories. He could have been very interesting had he not died by the end of the hour. I'm still bummed over that.

16. Wildcard Who Saved the World: Eddie Thawne

Wildcard Who Saved the World: Eddie Thawne went from a side character to more of a leading man as The Flash Season 1 progressed. We never did learn exactly how Harrison/Eobard viewed his ancestor, but how Dr. Stein saw him was brilliant: He called him a wild card, the only person who got to choose his own future, making him the most important in the group. And choose Eddie did, taking his own life to eradicate Eobard Thawne from existence. He decided to be the hero he knew he was for Iris, the woman he loved. It was tragic, yet exactly what we should have expected from the man we'd come know.

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