The Good Fight: 15 Characters You Should Know

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We FINALLY have the Diane Lockhart spin off we've dreamed of since The Good Wife premiered in 2009.

Diane Lockhart has everything -- intelligence, wit, class, beauty, and a killer fashion sense.

Although Diane will be the main character, The Good Fight will have a lot of other faces you'll recognize from The Good Wife. As well as some new characters for you to fall in love with.

So keep reading to see which of your old favorites made the cut and meet the new faces that are sure to become favorites.

If you have time and want to start from the beginning, you can watch The Good Wife via TV Fanatic.

Don't forget – The Good Fight premieres on CBS All Access February 19, 2017 at 8:00 PM ET.

1. Diane Lockhart

Diane Lockhart
Portrayed by the brilliant Christine Baranski, she's an old face, but she's also a GREAT face. When we first met Diane she was the sole female partner at Stern, Lockhart, Gardner. Though it was an old boys club, she held her own. She's fierce and demands respect. She's passionate about her political beliefs but also diplomatic and rational. When we last saw her, she was reeling from betrayals at the hands of her husband and colleague. At the beginning of The Good Fight she suffers another blow, but that won't stop the Diane we know and love. She will rise. She always does.

2. Maia Rindell

Maia Rindell
Rose Leslie (Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones) plays Maia, Diane's goddaughter. She's an attorney as well and is involved in the financial blow Diane suffers on The Good Fight series premiere. Maia and her parents are the unofficial First Family of Chicago.

3. Lucca Quinn

Lucca Quinn
Cush Jumbo joined The Good Wife in it's last season. She met Alicia in bond court, impressed her with her fearless approach to law, and the two started their own firm. Last we saw Lucca she was questioning Diane's husband in a less than gentle manner. On The Good Fight she's working for one of Chicago's pre-eminent law firms when Diane comes looking for a job.

4. Kurt McVeigh

Kurt McVeigh
Kurt, played by Gary Cole, is an ultra Conservative ballistics expert and Diane's husband. He meets Diane when he agrees to be a witness on one of her cases. They have an on-again, off-again relationship before finally marrying in season 5. When we last saw him he was having his dirty laundry aired in court by Lucca.

5. Adrian Boseman

Adrian Boseman
Delroy Lindo (Gone In 60 Seconds, Ransom, Heist) plays Adrian Boseman, an attorney from a premiere Chicago law firm who competes with Diane. Intimating to most but beloved by his clients, Adrian is sure to be a formidable foe to our favorite Chicago attorneys.

6. Marissa Gold

Marissa Gold
Sarah Steele is AWESOME as Marissa Gold. She joined The Good Wife in season 2 and charmed us immediately. She gets her sharp wit and sarcasm from her dad, Eli Gold played by Alan Cumming, who I'm praying makes at least one appearance on the spin off. On The Good Fight she'll act as Diane's secretary before turning her talents to investigation.

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The Good Fight Quotes

Bad things happen to good people.


Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.