The Originals Season 4: Best Twist, Biggest Letdown & MORE!

By Paul Dailly at

We're giving The Originals Season 4 the TV Fanatic Report Card treatment. 

We're running down the best and worst of a solid season of the supernatural drama series. 

It was the first season of the series airing without parent series, The Vampire Diaries, and you will be surprised at how well it held up. 

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Read on and let us know what you would have chosen in the comments. 

1. Best Episode

The Originals Season 4 Episode 3 was a surprisingly awesome episode of the supernatural drama. We finally got to see Klaus meeting back up with Hope after being apart for five years. Understandably, the father-daughter struggled to connect at first because of the time that had passed. This episode was vintage The Originals and proved that the series still had a lot of life left in it. Having the family together as they realized a new threat was emerging was awesome. Then there was the confirmation that Haylijah was very much still a thing.

2. Worst Episode

The Originals Season 4 was a solid season, so it's difficult to pick out the worst episode. The Originals Season 4 Episode 10 was decent, but it struggled with some pacing issues. Primarily, having Elijah in the pendant was the root of that. With Freya, Hayley, and Hope being sent in throughout to try and save the day, it was obvious there was going to be some sort of twist. I did not bank on Elijah trying to kill Hayley, but it only served to throw conflict into their relationship. On top of that, Freya became very unlikeable. She promised Hayley she would not put hope in danger, yet she sent her into the pendant. How was she to know that Hope would be able to save the day?

3. Breath of Fresh Air

Summer Fontana was a delight as an older Hope Mikaelson. Her performance was outstanding, and her acting range was put to the test when Inadu took over Hope's body. It's disappointing that Fontana will likely not be back for Season 5 due to the new time jump.

4. Best Couple

Who would have thought that Davina and Kol would get their happy ending? After Davina's death on The Originals Season 3, it was surprising to have Davina back in the mix. She was poised to die once more when Inadu apparently died. Thanks to Hope, she was saved and managed to make an escape from the French Quarter with the love of her life, and, well, it looks like they are going to get married thanks to that HUGE diamond Kol had.

5. Character Who Needs More Screen Time

Josh has always been a thrilling character to have around, but with Davina's decreased presence, he was lost in the shuffle. He and Marcel are still friends, but with Marcel out of the city, what's left for Josh? All we can say is that he needs more prominence on the show. He always serves as great comic relief despite the crazy things that are going down around town.

6. Best Friendship

They may have been apart for much of the season, but the few scenes with Davina and Josh together were EVERYTHING. They have been friends for so long, and it was great they got to say one last goodbye.

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