The Resident: 21 Reasons Season 2 Is the Best So Far!

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7. Medical Device and Manufacturing Storyline

Medical Device and Manufacturing Storyline
The second season has expanded so that it's not just covering medical errors on a micro-level. It is also exploring other ways in which the system is flawed and corrupt beyond big Pharma. It is a deep-dive into something that isn't portrayed as often: the medical device world and how products are manufactured and used for profit at the expense of sick and in need individuals. It's an intriguing and informative plot that has and continues to develop nicely and organically, and it shows that the series has a plethora of material to dig into without feeling one-note or redundant.

8. Incorporating More Medical Staff

Incorporating More Medical Staff
The world of Chastain expanded during the sophomore season, and it has overall enriched the experience. Sure, our faves are, well, our faves, but when watching a medical series you also want to see more than just a handful of doctors and one nurse practitioner. It takes many cogs to make the well-oiled machine run smoothly, and this season the series has increased the background medical staff with nurses, paramedics, and other doctors and attendings, and they have personalities that make them stand out and feel as familiar to viewers as they do the main characters.

9. AJ Austin

AJ Austin
AJ is a gift to the series, and he would agree. Malcolm-Jamal Warner was upped to series regular for the sophomore season, and it has been one of the best moves. AJ is magnetic. He's funny, intelligent, and somehow he can interact with any other character on the series, and it's prime viewing every time. Season two has afforded the series to shade in AJ so that he doesn't risk coming across one-dimensional, and he's a heck of a scene-stealer

10. Multilayered Bell

Multilayered Bell
Bell was always a complex character who danced on the line of antagonist/antihero, but the second season so far has fleshed him out in so many ways and made him the dark horse and one of the most compelling characters of the season. He's not a one-dimensional character. There's more depth to him than in the first season, and Bruce Greenwood is phenomenal at capturing Bell's complexities and keeping him one of the series' most engaging characters.

11. Softer Mina

Softer Mina
Make no mistake, before this, there was nothing wrong with Mina Okafor. She remains one of the best characters of the series. So far, the second season has dug deeper, and as a result, we get to see more sides to her. There is so much beyond her stoic exterior. Mina's relationship with Micah has brought out a softer side to her. She's in touch with her emotions, open, and vulnerable. Also, the death of her sisters was enlightening albeit tragic backstory that only made her more badass.

12. Marshall

Marshall is another addition that has strengthened the second season. He's an intriguing character who is difficult to place, and he left fans in a state of indecision as to whether he was an asset or hindrance to Conrad's life. There was trepidation when it came to accepting Marshall and making sense of his motives, but the revelation that he's suffering from Crohn's disease and seems genuine in wanting to repair his relationship with his son has made him an unexpected fan-favorite. The midseason finale has this unexpected fan-favorite's life hanging in the balance. If Marshall dies, we riot!

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