The Resident Season 2 Report Card: Best Arc, Worst Addition, & More!

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It was another great season of The Resident!

The sophomore season had Resident Fanatics talking in more ways than one, and the countdown begins until the show's return when we find out what happened to the Nevin family. 

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Until then, it's time for an overview of our favorite and least favorite aspects of the season. 

Check out our report card below as we discuss our favorite Conrad moments, most improved character, favorite unexpected dynamic, and more. 

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1. Best Conrad Arc - Conrad and Marshall Make Amends

Best Conrad Arc - Conrad and Marshall Make Amends
Conrad's drama with Nic was mostly unappealing and frustrating, but his best arc of the season consisted of him repairing his relationship with Marshall. The family feels were too much and yet not enough; we could watch those two forever. Conrad nearly lost Marshall twice, and Marshall was able to put some of their past into perspective for Conrad. It's hard not to get misty-eyed just thinking about them, but without a shadow of a doubt, this arc brought out more of Matt Czuchry's incredible range, and it was his strongest development of the series yet.

2. Best Character Growth - Bell

Best Character Growth - Bell
Bell absolutely killed it this season! He's the character who had the most growth, and his arc was one of the most appealing from beginning to end. Season two fleshed out the morally gray character and gave him more layers, or better yet, peeled back some of his layers. He's a complex character with so much depth, and it was beautifully showcased as he got in tune with his compassionate side, exhibited tenderness, kindness, and empathy.

He opened himself up to love with a great woman, was a total badass in surgeries, saved lives, and more. Bruce Greenwood's performance was one of the highlights of the season, and Bell's incredible journey made him go from antagonist/adversary to an unexpected fan-favorite.

3. Most Annoying Character (Who Needs Improvement) - Nic

Most Annoying Character (Who Needs Improvement) - Nic
Nic started the season off strong, and we got to learn more about her throughout the season with information peppered throughout about her past with Conrad and her relationships with Kyle and Jessie. We also learned she has Panic Disorder. She has overcome a lot and is going through a lot, and it should've made her more endearing. However, she grew increasingly more annoying as the season progressed.

Nic wouldn't allow herself to be happy and therefore made others (mainly Conrad) miserable too. She ran hot and cold, she came across hypocritical as ever when she implored him to open up to her, and then berated and pushed him away when he did. She gaslit him during most of their disagreements.

Nic was a mess this season; it was meant to be more development and growth for her character, but it backfired spectacularly when she got lost in her family and relationship woes and stopped feeling like her own character. She was all over the place this season, and it felt unresolved by the end.

4. Least Favorite Episode - Emergency Contact

Least Favorite Episode  - Emergency Contact
The episode was meant to tie up many of the loose ends hanging and end a few storylines. Julian unsurprisingly returned alive, well, and a few episodes too late to be interesting. She was gone as fast as she came. It was the first introduction to Kyle, and we had to say goodbye to Marshall. It was not the series at its best.

5. Most Powerful Episode - If Not Now, When?

Most Powerful Episode -  If Not Now, When?
The Resident has always been bold in its approach to tackling issues, but this standalone was superb and beyond reproach. It's the most provocative hour of the series and deserves every accolade. It was one of the finest performances Manish Dayal has put forth on the series to date, and guest stars Kamal Bolden and Vinessa Antoine were truly exceptional.

It was a must-see hour and an unforgettable one. The focus on two dire issues: the maternal mortality rate and gun violence in the US were handled well, and the personal touch of the Lea Davies case being inspired by Kira Johnson's made it all the more powerful.

6. Most Vulnerable Character - Mina

Most Vulnerable Character - Mina
Who would have expected we'd see the softer side to Mina? We found out so much about her past and what makes her tick. She went from a stoic and guarded character to one whose vulnerability poured through often. Whether it was her love for Micah and eventual heartbreak too, or it was how emotional and attached she got during certain cases and losses, or her rocky relationship with her mother, Mina became more multifaceted than ever, and it was so refreshing.

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