The Son Season 1: Favorite Moment, Craziest Scene and More!

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13. Girl Power Moment #3: Prairie Flower Stands Up to Her Father

Girl Power Moment #3: Prairie Flower Stands Up to Her Father
Prairie Flower is one of a kind and we love everything about her. She takes what she wants and she isn't afraid to let people how she really feels. Although her father wanted to marry her off to Charges the Enemy, Prairie Flower won't have anything to do with it. She stands her ground and earns the respect she deserves. Even though she ended up marrying Charges the Enemy anyway, it was her choice, not one that was forced on her.

14. Best Father Figure: Toshaway

Best Father Figure: Toshaway
Eli's had to do so much on his own, it was good for him that he had someone looking out for him. Toshaway may not have been perfect, but he looked at Eli as his own son. He taught him in the ways of the Comanche and protected him when he needed protecting. Toshaway was not only a father figure to Eli but a true friend as well.

15. Overall Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+
The Son Season 1 was a surprise gem that was outstanding in every way. Sure, we got our weekly dose of Pierce Brosnan, but he was only a piece of the many parts of the show we fell in love with. The intertwining narrative of young and old Eli was rich and complex. Add in strong female characters, compelling bad guys, and two brothers on opposite ends of the spectrum and it was a win all around.

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Sally: Should we cancel this party?
Pete: We can't. We gotta show the world south Texas is a great place to do business.

Great goddamned way to start a birthday party.