The Walking Dead Midseason Report Card: Best Episode, Worst Character & More!

By Steve Ford at

We're halfway through The Walking Dead Season 8, and following the incredibly shocking reveal on the mid-season finale, there is a whole lot to process.

After The Walking Dead Season 7 left a rather sour taste in a lot of people's mouths, the series is desperately attempting to win back many fans that seemed to have lost hope. During the first half the series' 8th season, The Walking Dead did at times stumble along its path of redemption , but it also made some notable adjustments that unquestionably worked in its favor.

Check out our mid-season breakdown of some of the best and worst of The Walking Dead Season 8 so far!

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1. Best Episode: Some Guy

There were definitely some quality episodes throughout the first half of Season 8, but "Some Guy" is the hands down winner of this category. Not only were we treated to an epic installment featuring Carol in action and doing what she does best, but Ezekial's fall from grace provided an extremely poignent moment with the loss of Shiva. I don't think any character's death throughout this series' run has hit me harder than the loss of a CGI tiger.

2. Worst Episode: The King, The Widow And Rick

While the first five episodes of the season were pretty solid, the sixth episode is where things started to get a bit rough. From a jumbled episode with little to no flow, coupled with poor editing decisions and disjointed pacing made this one an easy pick.

If you so dare, go back and re-watch this one. When compared to the rest of the season, the quality is night and day.

3. Best Twist - Morales' Return

When Rick infiltrated the Savior outpost in search of their weapons cache, encountering someone from his past was the last thing we were expecting. The reveal that Morales was not only alive, but also in cahoots with the Saviors hit us with a nice double whammy.

Though his return was short lived, The Walking Dead was able to address his whereabouts since parting ways with the group in Season 1, and definitively bringing Morales' story to a close.

4. Least Surprising Twist: The Saviors Escape

With Negan and the rest of his comrades trapped inside the Sanctuary for the majority of the first half of Season 8, it was not a question of if the Saviors would find a way out, but when. It was obvious that Daryl's plan to flood the Sanctuary with walkers wouldn't work the way he intended, and the end result merely aided the Saviors in their escape.

Perhaps if Daryl put a little more thought into his plan instead formulating it soley out of anger, it likely could have succeeded.

5. Most Intriguing New Character: Siddiq

We don't know much about Carl's mysterious new friend other than he's killed roughly 237 walkers, and that's what makes him so interesting. While I'm not as quick as Carl was to trust the guy, I don't believe Siddiq poses any threat to the group.

In fact, with Carl's recent walker bite reveal as a result of getting his friend to Alexandria, Siddiq will likely feel that he owes one to Carl, and that helping Rick going forward is the least he can do.

6. Character That's Overstayed Their Welcome: Gregory

As dangerous as Negan is, and as much as everyone wants to see his head on a pike, Gregory is equally as threatening. Granted he's not capable of leading a horse to water, let alone make it drink, but what he lacks in leadership he more than makes up for in manipulation. While he isn't the type to look you in the eyes as he bashes your skull in like Negan, he's the type of person who will swiftly and easily stab you in the back when you least expect it.

As humorous as it is hearing Gregory repeatedly calling Maggie by the wrong name, the manipulation and deceit has grown increasingly tiresome. The quicker the Hilltop takes Gregory out of the equation, the better off they (and viewers) will be.

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