The Walking Dead Photo from "After"

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The Walking Dead is nearly back. Check out photos from the Season 4 episode "After" now.

1. Rick and Carl Scene

Rick and Carl Scene
Rick has seen better days on The Walking Dead. This is a photo from "After."

2. Michonne and Friends

Michonne and Friends
Michonne has made a couple new friends. This is a photo from The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9.

3. Back in the Woods

Back in the Woods
Daryl Dixon is back in the woods on The Walking Dead. In other words: he's back to where he belongs.

4. Carl, Breaking In

Carl, Breaking In
Carl appears to be doing some breaking and some entering in this Walking Dead scene. It is from the episode "After."

5. Trouble for Glenn

Trouble for Glenn
Glenn appears to be in some trouble here. It's a scary scene from The Walking Dead Season 4.

6. Bloody Rick

Bloody Rick
It's safe to say Rick has seen better days. This is a photo from The Walking Dead Season 4.

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