This Is Us Season 2 Report Card: Biggest Twist, Saddest Goodbye & More!

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We're a week away from the new year and 15 days from the return of This Is Us — how are we going to make it until January 9th?!

The This Is Us Season 2 midseason finale left us a few cliffhangers: Kevin hit rock bottom and was being arrested for a DUI with Randall's daughter Tess in the backseat, Kate suffered a miscarriage but was ready to give pregnancy another go, and Randall and Beth said goodbye to Deja and hello to the possibility of fostering another child. 

To hold us over until the series returns, we're taking a look back and breaking down some best and worst moments of the first ten episodes of This Is Us Season 2! What worked, what didn't, what we'd love to see more of and what they need to get rid of in 2018! 

If you're missing the Big Three while they're away on holiday break you can watch This Is Us online. 

1. Biggest Twist - Jack Has a Brother

Biggest Twist - Jack Has a Brother
One of the biggest surprises of the series was the revelation that Jack had a brother, one that served with him in Vietnam. During an episode aptly titled "Brothers," Jack took younger Randall and Kevin camping to patch up their relationship. We didn't know why it mattered so much to him until we learned that he had a younger brother who later passed away. Why didn't he ever talk about him? How will Nicky fit into the big picture?

2. Biggest Letdown: Kate's Miscarriage

Biggest Letdown: Kate's Miscarriage
While Kate's miscarriage was important because it highlighted something serious and heartbreaking that many women go through it was a letdown because we all expected it. Kate hasn't had an easy go at this thing called life. Happiness isn't something that comes easily to her so when she became pregnant, you literally found yourself hoping that they wouldn't pull the rug out from her under once again. And when they did, it wasn't much of a shock. It would almost be more surprising if something actually went her way for once. Still, the upside is that Kate didn't let the tragedy define her and told Toby they would try again soon.

3. Biggest Mystery: Continues To Be Jack's Death

Biggest Mystery: Continues To Be Jack's Death
The mystery at the core of This Is Us is how Jack Pearson died. The season premiere episode shed a little bit of light on it revealing that there was a fire at the Pearson household. Did he die in the fire? That's uncertain. There's also the fact that Kate feels personally responsible for what happened to him. We also know that it occurred shortly after Kevin's football injury that cost him his professional career. Hopefully, the second half of season two will give us more insight on the mystery that keeps on giving.

4. Best Relationship - Kate and Jack

Best Relationship - Kate and Jack
While we love Jack and Rebecca's love story, the award for best relationship goes to dad and daughter duo, Jack and Kate! Kate has always been a daddy's girl and in an era where father's don't always get the best rep on television, Jack's relationship with "Katie girl" is very much appreciated. Especially because it's so realistic. Kids always think their fathers are Superman but Jack shares his vulnerabilities. He doesn't make excuses for his faults, vices, and weaknesses. Instead, he relies on his children to overcome his battles. And in return, Kate offers a shoulder to cry on or some teenage advice. We need more TV families like this one!

5. Best Fight: Kate and Rebecca

Best Fight: Kate and Rebecca
On the flipside, Kate and Rebecca's relationship is very strained. Unlike with Jack, Kate resents her mother for being talented, skinny and beautiful. But one fight, in particular, was downright brutal, revealing that Kate believes she could never live up to her mother's expectations! When Rebecca surprises (tags along uninvited) to Kate's first singing gig, Kate lashes out and says, "You still make me feel like a stupid, fat little kid." It's an incredibly difficult scene because Rebecca has always tried to be the best mother for her children. Props to both actresses for being incredible in the moment and channeling that raw emotion that we're all familiar with.

6. Best but Most Heartbreaking Meltdown: Kevin

Best but Most Heartbreaking Meltdown: Kevin
Kevin has been on a downward spiral all season long and it finally caught up to him when he went back to his hometown to be honored for his achievements at an alumni ceremony at his high school. It started on the football field, the same field that ended his football career. He re-lived that moment and all the other chances and opportunities that followed, which he also blew. He hit rock bottom on Charlotte's front porch when she wouldn't let him in to retrieve his father's necklace. Seeing him fall to the ground and cry out for help was heartbreaking.

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