This Is Us Season 3 Midseason Report: Most Romantic Moment, Hottest Couple & More!

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7. Biggest WTF? Moment - Nicky Is Alive

Biggest WTF? Moment - Nicky Is Alive
Well, this certainly came out of nowhere. It seemed like a foregone conclusion while watching Nikky's journey in Vietnam that he was going to die, especially because anytime Nikky's name was brought up post-Vietnam, it was followed up with the words, "he died while serving." After the boat explosion in Vietnam, it seemed like Nikky's journey had concluded. But then Kevin found out during his trip in Vietnam that Nikky's name is not on the veterans database. Cut to an older version of Nikky alive in the present timeline. Wait, what? How did that even happen? In a show that most often than not is set in realism, this reveal came off very soap opera-esque. The second half of Season 3 will have to provide some excellent answers as to how this happened for this reveal not to seem so outlandish.

8. Hottest Couple - Jack & Rebecca

Hottest Couple - Jack & Rebecca
Jack and Rebecca are quite possibly the best couple on television history but Season 3 brought out a different side of their relationship that hadn't been seen before. The two are known for being romantic and sweet, but this time around they turned up the heat, and This Is Us Fanatics saw a much sexier and sizzling side of Jack and Rebecca in multiple timelines. Sure the two shared multiple sappy, romantic moments that made us fall in love with them all over again from their first date to that grocery store scene. Yet, they almost managed to add some much-needed lust to their relationship and the attractive pair became the hottest thing going on This Is Us. From road trip sexcapades to Jack's boxing fantasy, it has been said that television sets have sizzled while these two were on the TV.

9. Couple Who Needs Work - Randall & Beth

Couple Who Needs Work - Randall & Beth
It's a shame how quickly things can change in a relationship. At the start of Season 3, Randall and Beth were stronger than ever, joking about swearing on Oprah. Yet, things took a sad turn when Beth was let go from her job and the effect it had on her was much more profound than she or Randall realized. It didn't help that while Beth was going through her own stuff, Randall decided to run for city council in the Twelfth District. He became so encompassed in his campaign and never really took the time to talk to Beth about what it is she needs and Beth being the strong woman she is, wasn't willing to not be the rock in the relationship. Things really fell through the cracks when Randall refused to drop out of the race after Beth asked him to. These two need some serious therapy.

10. Most Refreshing New Couple - Kevin & Zoe

Most Refreshing New Couple - Kevin & Zoe
Kevin's previous relationships on This Is Us were always missing something, mainly because Kevin wasn't mature enough to fully commit to them. However, Zoe has helped Kevin fully embrace this new side of himself. She's turned him into this sweet, puppy dog who happens to be built like a truck. It was a slow burn for these two as Zoe was always hesitant to admit her feelings for Kevin. It was clear Kevin was head over heels for this girl, but it wasn't clear whether Zoe felt the same way or only saw him as a piece of meat she could sleep with. Yet, the two shared a very intimate moment during their trip to Vietnam when she shared with him details about her dark past. This hot new couple has provided the show with a breath of fresh air, and their romance will likely continue to blossom as Season 3 progresses.

11. Best Episode - This Is Us Season 3 Episode 7, "Sometimes"

Best Episode - This Is Us Season 3 Episode 7, "Sometimes"
There were other episodes that were more dynamic and visually stunning, but no episode was able to match the storytelling from "Sometimes." Jack and Rebecca's road trip to LA was perhaps the most romantic story told on TV in 2018. It was such a pivotal moment in their relationship as it was at this time as they went from people who were dating to soulmates. Kevin and Zoe's relationship also grew exponentially. From Kevin telling Zoe, he's falling for her because she smells like peaches and Zoe sharing with Kevin that she was sexually abused by her father. There was so much growth and so much love on "Sometimes" that it was hard not to fall in love with This Is Us all over again.

12. Worst Episode - This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2, "A Philadelphia Story"

Worst Episode - This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2, "A Philadelphia Story"
There were no abysmal episodes in the first half of Season 3, despite This Is Us Season 3 Episode 4, "Vietnam," being quite controversial amongst This Is Us Fanatics. However, it was "A Philadelphia Story" that stood out as the worst episode of the series as it highlighted the selfishness of some of the Pearson clan rather than make us fall in love with them even more. Despite the episode being about Kevin's movie premiere, Kevin was brushed to the side in favor of his sibling's melodrama. The worst of Kate was seen as she lashed out at anyone and everyone who was concerned about her having a baby and how it could affect her health. Randall was too busy trying to fix a community that didn't necessarily want to be fixed. The Teen Pearsons had a small B-storyline that was rushed through. "A Philadelphia Story" was definitely not This Is Us's best work.

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Teacher: This your first year too?
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